• Ray Gilmour DM

    Ray Gilmour

    Executive Council, Deputy Minister and Secretary to Cabinet
    Appointed: April 2019

    Ray has previously served in several deputy minister positions since joining the public service 12 years ago.

    Before joining the Alberta government, Ray worked for the City of Medicine Hat and spent 15 years in the banking and financial services industry. Ray is a CPA and graduated with a masters of business administration and a bachelor of science in agriculture.

  • Photo of Coleen Volk

    Coleen Volk

    Executive Council, Associate Deputy Minister and Deputy Minister, Operations and Intergovernmental Relations
    Appointed: April 2019

    Prior to joining the Alberta government in 2016, Coleen served in a variety of senior leadership roles in the federal government, including associate deputy minister of Environment and Climate Change, deputy secretary to Cabinet in the Privy Council Office and assistant deputy minister of environment, industry and finance departments.

    Coleen previously worked in the banking industry, where she held senior roles at the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. She has a bachelor of science from the University of Regina and is a Chartered Professional Accountant.

  • Photo of Mark Cameron

    Mark Cameron

    Executive Council, Policy Coordination Office, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: April 2019

    Mark Cameron brings almost three decades of experience in public policy, business and consulting. Mark's public service experience includes several roles with the Government of Canada, notably special assistant to the Ministers of National Revenue and Intergovernmental Relations, communications analyst in the Privy Council Office, and director of Policy and Research and senior policy advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He also served in executive roles with Ontario Power Generation, BlackBerry, and Hill + Knowlton Strategies. Most recently he was executive director of Canadians for Clean Prosperity.

    Mark has served in various voluntary roles with the Canadian-American Business Council, Canada-India Business Council, Cardus, the Munk Debates, Canada 2020, Sustainable Prosperity, the Energy Futures Lab, and the Public Policy Forum. Mark attended McGill University and the University of British Columbia and holds a bachelor of arts (Honours) and a master of arts in Political Science from UBC.

  • Photo of Chris McPherson

    Christopher McPherson

    Executive Council, Deputy Clerk and Deputy Secretary to Cabinet
    Appointed: April 2019

    Since joining the Government of Alberta in 2014, Christopher has held assistant deputy minister roles in Strategic Communications and, most recently, in Economic Policy in the Policy Coordination Office.

    Prior to his service with the Alberta government, Christopher was director of public affairs for the Ontario Hospital Association and held senior advisor roles in the Government of Ontario.

  • Photo of Rod Skura

    Rod Skura

    Advanced Education, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: July 2015

    Since joining the government in 2005, Rod has held a number of senior positions including Deputy Minister of Service Alberta, senior financial officer and executive director of capital planning.

    Rod served nearly 21 years with the Canadian Forces. He’s a Certified Management Accountant and also holds a bachelor of science from the University of Alberta.

  • Photo of Andre Corbould

    Andre Corbould

    Agriculture and Forestry, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: March 2018

    Prior to joining government, Andre had a 28-year career in the Canadian Forces holding various high-level positions before retiring as a Brigadier General. His did tours in Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia, East Timor, Afghanistan and several domestic operations, including the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. While in Afghanistan, he worked with 24 Afghan ministries to develop a national reconstruction plan and spent time as Deputy Commanding General of the US Army 10th Mountain Division.

    Andre is a graduate of civil engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and has a master in management from the University of Canberra, as well as a master in defence management and policy from the Royal Military College of Canada.

  • Photo of Darlene Bouwsema

    Darlene Bouwsema

    Children’s Services, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: January 2017

    Darlene is thrilled to lead a department focused on the wellbeing and safety of children and families. She previously served as Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism and held several assistant deputy minister positions. Prior to joining government, Darlene worked with the City of Edmonton and Strathcona County.

    Darlene graduated with a master of health studies from Athabasca University, a bachelor of science in medical laboratory science from the University of Alberta and a paramedic diploma from NAIT.

  • Photo of Corey Hogan

    Corey Hogan

    Communications and Public Engagement, Managing Director
    Appointed: October 2016

    A professional communicator and digital tactician, Corey is responsible for the management of communications resources within the Alberta Public Service. He believes strongly in ending a reliance on “instinct” and instead rigorously applying industry best practice, focusing on public value and measuring results.

    Prior to his appointment, Corey held senior communications roles in the private sector where he served an international portfolio of clients in the health, energy, consumer product and finance sectors.

  • Photo of Shannon Marchand

    Shannon Marchand

    Community and Social Services, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: May 2017

    Since joining the Alberta Public Service in 1996, Shannon has held several senior leadership roles including Deputy Minister of Seniors and Housing, deputy chief of the policy coordination office and assistant deputy minister for three departments. His earlier government experience was in the immigration and intergovernmental relations areas.

    Born and raised in rural Alberta, Shannon holds a master of arts in political science from the University of Alberta.

  • Photo of Lora Pillipow

    Lora Pillipow

    Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: April 2019

    Lora is currently the Deputy Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women. She has worked in the public service in Alberta for over 19 years. Throughout that time she has held positions in various ministries including Environment, Human Resources and Employment, Policy Coordination Office, Housing and Urban Affairs, Human Services, Culture and Tourism and the Alberta Climate Change Office.

    Lora has a background in political science and women’s studies where she focused her research on the impact of policy decisions to the non-profit sector. Lora’s executive leadership experience focuses on building teams to produce results.

  • Photo of Jason Krips

    Jason Krips

    Economic Development, Trade and Tourism, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: October 2015

    Jason began his public service career in 2000. He previously served as Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and has held a range of legislative and policy positions in several ministries.

    Jason is a lawyer by profession and has a strong and diverse background in industry policy, issues management and stakeholder engagement.

  • Photo of Curtis Clarke

    Curtis Clarke

    Education, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: May 2016

    Curtis has held a variety of public service leadership positions including associate deputy solicitor general, assistant deputy minister and executive director. He helped design and implement national and international models of competency-based curriculum design and delivery as a founding member of the INTERPOL Group of Experts in Training, as president of the Canadian Association of Police Educators, and as a board member of the National Police Sector Council.

    Prior to joining government, Curtis served as associate professor and program coordinator for Athabasca University’s criminal justice program. He holds a PhD in sociology from York University, has a leadership certificate from Cornell University, and has completed an executive program in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.

  • Photo of Grant Sprague

    Grant Sprague

    Energy, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: April 2019

    Prior to his return as Deputy Minister of Energy, Grant served as associate counsel at Miller Thomson LLP where he provided advice on natural resource and environmental law, administrative law matters, and regulatory processes involving government. Previously, he served as Deputy Minister of Energy from July 2013 to May 2016 and Chair of the Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission. Grant also served as Chief of the Policy Coordination Office of Executive Council and as Assistant Deputy Minister of Alberta Justice.

    Grant was appointed Queen’s Counsel for Alberta in December of 2010 and is a Senior Fellow with the C.D. Howe Institute and a sessional lecturer at the University of Alberta School of Business.

  • Photo of David James

    David James

    Natural Gas, Associate Deputy Minister
    Appointed: April 2019

    David James has been with the Government of Alberta since 2011. He has held senior roles as Assistant Deputy Minister for Strategic Policy and Assistant Deputy Minister for Electricity and Sustainable Energy, both at Alberta Energy.

    David previously served as a telecommunications officer with the Canadian Forces. He has an undergraduate degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering, and a Masters of Business Administration, both from the Royal Military College of Canada.

  • Photo of Bev Yee

    Bev Yee

    Environment and Parks, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: September 2018

    Bev has been with the Government of Alberta since 1994. She was appointed Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Relations in March 2018 and Deputy Minister of Environment and Parks in September 2018. Previously, she was Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and held five assistant deputy roles.

    Bev holds a bachelor of education and a bachelor of science.

  • Photo of Lorna Rosen

    Lorna Rosen

    Health, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: April 2019

    Lorna first joined the Alberta Public Service in January 2015 as the Deputy Minister of Education. She previously worked in municipal government, most recently as a chief financial officer with the City of Edmonton.

    Lorna has been a public servant for almost thirty years. She is passionate about public service and giving back to the greater community. She is a Chartered Professional Accountant and has an MBA in community economic development.

  • Photo Donovan Young

    Donavon Young

    Indigenous Relations, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: April 2014

    Donavon brings 35 years of direct experience and knowledge to his position in Indigenous Relations – at the national level, with two provincial governments and at the community level. He joined the Government of Alberta in 2005 as an assistant deputy minister (7 years at Aboriginal Relations and 2 years at Alberta Justice) until April 2014 when he was appointed as a deputy minister.

    From 1995 to 2005, Donavon worked for the Government of Saskatchewan (Aboriginal Relations) as an assistant deputy minister for most of that time. From 1992 to 1995, he worked for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples as the Urban Research and Policy Coordinator. Donavon also worked in research and program development at the Gabriel Dumont Institute of Metis Studies and Applied Research from 1983 to 1992.

  • Photo of Shannon Flint

    Shannon Flint

    Infrastructure, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: September 2016

    Shannon has had an extensive career with the Alberta public service, holding various positions in policy, planning and research. Prior to her deputy minister appointment, she served as assistant deputy minister at Economic Development and Trade and at Environment and Parks.

    Shannon is an engaged steward of public service and is proud to serve Albertans throughout her career. Shannon graduated with a bachelor of management from the University of Lethbridge and an administrative management diploma from NAIT.

  • Photo of Deputy Minister Frank Bosscha

    Frank Bosscha

    Justice and Solicitor General, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: August 2019

    Frank Bosscha, Q.C., joined the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General in 2012, when he was appointed as director and corporate counsel for the Health legal team. Prior to his appointment, he spent 12 years in private practice, followed by 11 years with the federal government, leading teams specializing in tax law and Indigenous issues.

    Since 2014, he has served as the Assistant Deputy Minister of Legal Services, overseeing the Alberta government’s civil law practice.

  • Photo of Dennis Cooley

    Dennis Cooley

    Justice and Solicitor General, Associate Deputy Minister
    Appointed: November 2017

    Dennis has extensive experience in the public service throughout Canada. Prior to his appointment, he spent five years in Saskatchewan as associate deputy minister of Justice, Corrections and Policing and eight years in Yukon as Deputy Minister of Justice.

    Dennis completed his Ph.D. at the University of Manitoba in 1995. He held various positions with the Government of Canada and was the executive director of the Law Commission of Canada from 1999 to 2004.

  • Photo of Shawn McLeod

    Shawn McLeod

    Labour and Immigration, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: April 2019

    Shawn has extensive legal and labour relations experience, including a number of years in private legal practice, a decade with the Alberta Labour Relations Board, public sector experience with the federal Department of Justice, and most recently, practicing law and labour relations in the private sector.

    Shawn has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor Law from the University of Alberta and a French language certificate from the University of Quebec.

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    Paul Wynnyk

    Municipal Affairs, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: October 2019

  • Photo of Deputy Minister Tim Grant

    Tim Grant

    Public Service Commission, Deputy Minister and Public Service Commissioner
    Appointed: April 2019

    Tim joined the public service in 2008. Over his career, he’s held senior positions as Assistant Deputy Minister at Energy, and as Deputy Minister at Transportation, Justice and Solicitor General, and Service Alberta. He also led the government’s response to the 2011 Slave Lake wildfire.

    Tim is a former officer who served in the Canadian Forces for 31 years, rising to the rank of Major General. He is a graduate of the University of Guelph and of the Canadian Forces College.

  • Photo of Susan Taylor

    Susan Taylor

    Seniors and Housing, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: September 2018

    Susan has over 35 years with the Alberta Public Service and was appointed as the deputy minister of Seniors and Housing in September 2018. Susan was formerly the deputy minister of Status of Women and assistant deputy minister for the Delivery Services Portfolio, in Human Services.

    Susan began her career in the public service as a social worker providing support to children and families in the Edmonton Region; she has a bachelor of social work from the University of Calgary.  Susan is a strong believer in the benefits of collaborative partnerships that best address challenging and complex needs.

  • Photo of Cynthia Farmer

    Cynthia Farmer

    Service Alberta, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: April 2019

    Cynthia has served as Assistant Deputy Minister in Community and Social Services, Economic Development and Trade, Alberta Energy and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. She has been a member of the public service since 1999.

    Cynthia graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education degree. She is married and her son Willard attends the University of Alberta. She enjoys traveling with her husband John.

  • Photo of Andre Tremblay

    Andre Tremblay

    Transportation, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: January 2019

    Andre has over 20 years of public sector experience that includes provincial and municipal governments as well as non-government organizations and academia. Since joining the Alberta Public Service, Andre has served in a variety of senior leadership roles, most recently as associate deputy minister of Health. In addition, Andre served as assistant deputy minister, Social Policy at Executive Council and assistant deputy minister of Apprenticeship and Student Aid at Advanced Education. Andre was also previously appointed as the deputy clerk of Executive Council and deputy secretary to Cabinet.

    Andre graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a bachelor of arts and a master of arts. He has a professional Economic Developer designation from the University of Waterloo, and has completed executive leadership programs at Queen’s University and the Ivey School of Business.

  • Photo of deputy minister Athana Mentzelopoulos

    Athana Mentzelopoulos

    Treasury Board and Finance, Deputy Minister
    Appointed: April 2019

    Athana has extensive public service experience in federal and provincial governments, including serving as Deputy Minister of Finance in BC, where she was also responsible for the BC Securities Commission and the credit union regulator, the Financial Institutions Commission.

    She also served in deputy minister roles in the BC ministries of Intergovernmental Relations; Government Communications; Tourism, Skills Training and Labour; and in many senior roles in the federal government. She holds an Honours BA in political science and economics from Carleton University and an MA in contemporary social and political thought from the University of Victoria.