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Government committees and members

Committees review policy decisions, long-range strategic priorities, legislation and regulations.

Alberta First Cabinet Policy Committee

  • Garth Rowswell (Chair)
  • Mickey Amery, Minister of Justice
  • Shane Getson, Private Member
  • Nate Horner, Minister of Finance and President of Treasury Board
  • Grant Hunter, Private Member
  • Brian Jean, Minister of Energy and Minerals
  • Matt Jones, Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Trade
  • Chantelle de Jonge, Private Member
  • Nathan Neudorf, Minister of Affordability and Utilities
  • Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Environment and Protected Areas
  • Danielle Smith, Premier and Minister of Intergovernmental Relations
  • Jason Stephan, Private Member

Building Communities Cabinet Policy Committee

  • Martin Long (Chair)
  • Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk, Private Member
  • Andrew Boitchenko, Private Member
  • Eric Bouchard, Private Member
  • Scott Cyr, Private Member
  • Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors
  • Pete Guthrie, Minister of Infrastructure
  • Ric McIver, Minister of Municipal Affairs
  • Demetrios Nicolaides, Minister of Education
  • Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Advanced Education
  • Joseph Schow, Minister of Tourism and Sport

Economic Diversification Cabinet Policy Committee

  • Jackie Lovely (Chair)
  • Nolan Dyck, Private Member
  • Tanya Fir, Minister of Arts, Culture and Status of Women
  • Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation
  • Todd Loewen, Minister of Forestry and Parks
  • Myles McDougall, Private Member
  • Dale Nally, Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction
  • RJ Sigurdson, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation
  • Glenn van Dijken, Private Member
  • Ron Wiebe, Private Member
  • Justin Wright, Private Member
  • Muhammad Yaseen, Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism

Public Safety and Wellness Cabinet Policy Committee

  • Scott Sinclair (Chair)
  • Mike Ellis, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services
  • Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Health
  • Brandon Lunty, Private Member
  • Jason Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services
  • Chelsae Petrovic, Private Member
  • Angela Pitt, Private Member
  • Peter Singh, Private Member
  • Searle Turton, Minister of Children and Family Services
  • Dan Williams, Minister of Mental Health and Addiction
  • Rick Wilson, Minister of Indigenous Relations
  • Tany Yao, Private Member

Legislative Review Committee

  • Jason Stephan (Chair)
  • Nolan Dyck, Private Member
  • Myles McDougall, Private Member
  • Brian Jean, Minister of Energy and Minerals
  • Mickey Amery, Minister of Justice