Open Government program

Open Government is designed to improve government transparency, and ensure better collaboration between government and citizens.

Open Government portal

The portal is a collection of Alberta government datasets, publications and other information products available to the public. This data and information can be used to learn about how the Alberta government works, carry out research or build web apps.

The portal functions as both a library for current publications and as an archive for historic publications.

Search for Alberta government publications and other information products.

Search for government data to do research, build apps and gain insights.

Access government apps available for mobile devices.

View Alberta government data visualizations such as interactive maps, dynamic charts and dashboards.


The Open Government program:

  • provides access to Alberta government data and publications, and develops standards and processes to encourage open engagement
  • works with ministries to release data and information
  • maintains Open Government documentation including policies, best practices, general use, and instructions on how to use the portal
  • oversees implementation of the Open Government Licence – Alberta, which removes restrictions on the use of data and information published by the Government of Alberta
  • maintains the Open Information and Open Data policy
  • determines what data and information goes on the Open Government portal

Suggest a dataset

Let us know if there is data we should add to the Open Government portal.