Wildfire prevention and mitigation

Most wildfires in Alberta are human-caused and preventable. Learn what you can do to reduce the risk of wildfires and mitigate their impact.


67% of wildfires in Alberta are started by people. If you start a wildfire, you can be charged, fined, and held liable for all costs associated with fighting the wildfire.

Don’t be that person – learn simple steps to prevent wildfires when camping, using fireworks, riding OHVs, or burning debris.

If you see a wildfire in a forested area call 310-FIRE (3473)

In focus

A safe campfire burning in the night

How to choose your campfire site, prepare your campfire and properly extinguish it when you are done.

Logs burning safely

Learn how to safely burn brush, vegetation or woody debris on your property.

A fireworks display at nighttime

How to get permission to use fireworks and exploding targets in the Forest Protection Area.

Smoke rising from a forest

Find active fire advisories, restrictions, bans, forest closures, off-highway vehicle restrictions and what activities are allowed.

Wildfire preparedness

Learn what you can do to prepare yourself and others in the event of a wildfire. See Wildfire preparedness for more details.