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    Minister Rebecca Schulz

    Rebecca Schulz was sworn in as Minister of Environment and Protected Areas on June 9, 2023.

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Mandate letter

The Premier's mandate letter to the Minister of Environment and Protected Areas outlines the objectives and priorities of the work they will focus on in their role.

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Our responsibilities

The ministry:

  • works to protect and enhance Alberta’s environment and ecosystems to ensure a sustainable future, making life better for Albertans
  • works with Albertans, Indigenous communities and stakeholders to ensure the province’s environmental, social and economic outcomes for the future are met
  • engages Albertans to understand the challenges in ensuring Alberta’s natural resources are managed using innovative and responsible approaches

Key information

  • Alberta’s Environmental Science Program provides data, information and reporting on the condition of the environment in Alberta.
  • The Office of the Chief Scientist coordinates delivery of Alberta’s Environmental Science Program to provide data and reporting on the condition of Alberta’s environment.
  • Learn about vulnerable species at risk of disappearing from the province and Alberta’s strategies to monitor and protect them.
  • Alberta’s Extended Producer Responsibility System shifts the physical and financial burden of collecting, sorting, processing and recycling waste to product producers and away from local governments and taxpayers.

In focus

North Saskatchewan River in autumn evening

Learn about how the province is investing in innovative, clean technology and emissions-reduction programs.

Charting Alberta’s course to cut emissions, attract investment, and grow the economy.

Alberta river conditions and advisories

Visit the Alberta River Basins website for current advisories on watercourses throughout the province.

Air quality

Discover more about Alberta’s air quality, air quality measurements and how it is affected by natural and human sources.


Alberta is at risk of droughts and water shortages. Everyone can help do their part.

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