Fall 2023 throne speech

The first session of the 31st legislature opened October 30, 2023 with a Speech from the Throne delivered by Her Honour, the Honourable Salma Lakhani, AOE, B.Sc., LLD (hon) Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.

The throne speech outlines measures to keep more money in Albertans’ pockets, improve patient outcomes and support more students.

Throne speech highlights

Provincial rights

  • continuing to fight federal intrusions on the province's right to develop its oil and gas resources for the economic benefit of the province and the nation
  • if necessary, using motions under the Sovereignty within a United Canada Act to block actions that are unconstitutional and hurt Alberta

Growth pressures

  • building roads, schools and other facilities to support a larger population in Alberta


  • reducing the tax burden on Albertans
  • lowering the cost of housing, fuel, electricity and insurance

Public safety

  • implementing reforms to the justice system and supporting the hiring of more police officers
  • establishing recovery communities and intervention programs for those struggling with addiction and mental health

Health care

  • decentralizing decision-making in the health care system to ensure services are available to Albertans where and when they need them and to improve patient outcomes


  • increasing the number of classrooms, staff and educational choices
  • providing mental health support to students
  • strengthening career education

Economic diversification

  • growing Alberta’s energy and agriculture sectors
  • attracting investment and supporting emerging industries
  • partnering with Indigenous communities and removing barriers for new Albertans to work