Ministry of

Environment and Parks

Supports environmental conservation and protection, sustainable economic prosperity, quality of life and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Key services

  • Air quality index, management, modeling, data and legislation.
  • Provincial park locations, recreational opportunities and information for visitors.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions management and reduction, climate change legislation, and climate change action planning.
  • Information, regulations and legislation on fish and wildlife species and management in Alberta.
  • AEP, AER and fish and wildlife forms, online services for industry, and directives.
  • Programs that deal with land management, development and consultations in Alberta.
  • Advisories, BearSmart, camping, boating and recreation on public lands.
  • Environmental compliance, enforcement and monitoring.
  • Water management, drinking, groundwater and wastewater, flood, and water conservation and wetlands.

In focus

Public lands dispositions: Bighorn Country Protective Notations

These Protective Notations outline permitted and restricted activities for new public lands disposition applications within Bighorn Country.

Western Grebe Draft Recovery Plan

Share your input on the draft recovery plan for the Western grebe, one of Alberta’s threatened bird species, by January 2, 2019.

Youth Climate Action Council

Until January 6, 2019, Alberta youth aged 18 to 26 may apply for a chance to share ideas and help shape future provincial environmental policies.

Our responsibilities

Alberta Environment and Parks:

  • works to protect and enhance Alberta’s environment and ecosystems to ensure a sustainable future, making life better for Albertans
  • works with Albertans, Indigenous communities and stakeholders to ensure the province’s environmental, social and economic outcomes for the future are met
  • engages Albertans to understand the challenges in ensuring Alberta’s natural resources are managed using innovative and responsible approaches

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