Services and information

  • Advanced Education

    Focuses on the province’s adult learning system and financial supports for adult students.

  • Agriculture and Forestry

    Focuses on sustainably developing the agriculture and food industry and encouraging the development of rural communities.

  • Children's Services

    Leads child care & intervention, early childhood development, foster & kinship care, adoption, and improvements for children & youth.

  • Communications and Public Engagement

    This cross-government department provides communications and marketing counsel and services to government ministries and Albertans.

  • Community and Social Services

    Leads income, employment, disabilities and community-based supports, family violence prevention, and family & community support services.

  • Culture and Tourism

    Works to improve Albertans’ quality of life through support of cultural development, historical preservation and tourism opportunities.

  • Economic Development and Trade

    Leads the government's economic development efforts, supports businesses and investors and provides single-door access to information.

  • Education

    Supports students, parents, teachers and administrators from Early Childhood Services through Grade 12.

  • Energy

    Ensures sustained prosperity for Albertans through responsible development and use of energy and mineral resource systems.

  • Environment and Parks

    Leads the achievement of desired environmental outcomes and sustainable development of natural resources for Albertans.

  • Executive Council

    Ensures effective strategic planning and coordinated policy development across government.

  • Health

    Sets direction for healthcare in Alberta, allocates health funding, manages provincial programs and provides expertise

  • Indigenous Relations

    Works to provide social and economic opportunities to support and enhance the quality of life for Aboriginal people in Alberta.

  • Infrastructure

    Leads the planning and building of key public infrastructure projects like schools and hospitals to meet the needs of a growing Alberta

  • Justice and Solicitor General

    Ensures Alberta has an innovative and accessible justice system that keeps Albertans and their communities safe.

  • Labour

    Ensures Alberta has a skilled workforce and safe, thriving workplaces to keep growing our economy.

  • Municipal Affairs

    Invests in families and communities through local government, public safety, and public libraries to improve the lives of Albertans.

  • Public Service Commission

    Ensures Alberta has a professional, non-partisan, diverse, and inclusive public service that proudly serves Albertans.

  • Seniors and Housing

    Offers programs and services to support the well-being and quality of life of seniors and help Albertans access affordable housing.

  • Service Alberta

    Responsible for services including registries, land titles, consumer protection and the Alberta Queen’s Printer.

  • Status of Women

    Leads the Government’s work to increase gender equality in Alberta.

  • Transportation

    Works to provide a safe, innovative and sustainable world-class transportation system that supports Alberta’s economy and quality of life.

  • Treasury Board and Finance

    Responsible for economic analysis, budget planning and providing a focused approach to the management of government spending.