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The following standards specify compulsory acceptable levels of educational program delivery.

Ministerial order on student learning

This ministerial order sets the goals and standards for student learning outcomes.

Professional practice standards for the teaching profession

These ministerial orders apply to teaching, leadership and superintendent certification; professional development; supervision; and evaluation. 

Leadership certification is required for principals and acting principals, while superintendent leadership certification is required for superintendents of schools and acting superintendents of schools.

The Teaching Quality Standard (#001/2020), Leadership Quality Standard (#002/2020) and Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard (#003/2020) describe the competencies and expectations of professional practice for teachers, school leaders and superintendents throughout their careers.

All 3 professional standards were updated (Ministerial Order #001/2023) to include a requirement to complete professional learning on the code of professional conduct for teachers and teacher leaders.

Standards for the provision of early childhood special education

Standards for the Provision of Early Childhood Special Education outlines the requirements for school authorities regarding the delivery of high quality special education programming to children who are eligible for Alberta Education funding. For more information, see the Early Childhood Services section.

Standards for seclusion and physical restraint in Alberta schools

The Standards for Seclusion and Physical Restraint in Alberta Schools outline requirements for school authorities regarding the use of seclusion and physical restraint in schools and are a basis for school authorities to develop policies, procedures and/or practices on the prevention and use of seclusion and physical restraint. For more information, visit Seclusion standards on

Standards for special education, amended June 2004

This ministerial order outlines the requirements for school boards regarding the delivery of education programming and services to students with special education needs in Grade 1 to Grade 12. For more information, visit K to 12 Education policies and standards.