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After each semester or school year, students shall be awarded credits by Alberta Education on the recommendation of the principal, subject to the following ministry requirements:

  • Instruction is the responsibility of qualified teachers holding valid Alberta teaching certificates.
  • Students in all senior high schools have access to a minimum of 1000 hours of instruction per school year, as outlined in Program Planning – Senior High School.
  • The content of each course follows that outlined in the senior high school programs of study.
  • The senior high school is operating in accordance with the Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12.
  • Student assessment is carried out in accordance with school authority policy and is consistent with the Student Assessment Policy.
  • School-awarded marks in diploma examination courses and final marks in all other senior high school courses are endorsed by the principal in accordance with school authority requirements. School-awarded marks are subsequently submitted to Alberta Education for recording at a time and in a manner determined by the minister.