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Regulations are legal requirements. The following subsections provide a synopsis of selected regulations that are relevant to the operation of schools. The regulation number and the relevant sections of the Education Act are also noted.

All regulations are available on the King’s Printer website.

Charter Schools Regulation

The Charter Schools Regulation addresses the establishment of charter schools in the province. It also outlines the application for and approval or rejection of public charter school status, contents of a proposed charter, charter renewal, charter amendment and charter repeal. For more information, see the Charter Schools section.

Early Childhood Services Regulation

The Early Childhood Services Regulation sets out the requirements for the establishment and operation of early childhood services programs, including application process, safety standards, programs and policies, teacher qualifications, common age of entry for Kindergarten, financial reporting and auditing, and insurance. For more information, see the Early Childhood Services section.

Home Education Regulation

The Home Education Regulation sets out requirements for parents and supervising school authorities with respect to the planning and delivery of supervised home education programs and home education programs that are not supervised. The regulation identifies the roles and responsibilities of the parent and supervising school authority, the notification process, the learning outcomes to be achieved, eligibility for high school credits, requirements for the evaluation of student progress, key funding parameters and the circumstances under which a home education program may be investigated and/or terminated. For more information, see the Home Education section.

Professional Conduct and Competency for Teachers and Teacher Leaders Regulation

The Professional Conduct and Competency for Teachers and Teacher Leaders Regulation establishes how complaints regarding the competency and conduct of teachers and teacher leaders will be addressed. The regulation identifies the administrative mechanisms and the procedures to be followed in the investigation of complaints, conduct of hearings and appeals, issuance of decisions, and supplementary details concerning the process for the new teacher discipline model outlined in the Education Act. The single code of professional conduct for all Alberta teachers is included in Schedule 1.1 of this regulation.

On January 1, 2023, the professional discipline model for teachers and teacher leaders was established and includes the Code of Professional Conduct that applies to all teachers and teacher leaders regardless of where they are employed. Teacher and teacher leader professional discipline matters are overseen by the Alberta Teaching Profession Commissioner.

Under the Education Act the same professional discipline process now applies equally to all teachers and teacher leaders, whether they are members of the Alberta Teachers' Association, the College of Alberta School Superintendents or employed in a public, separate, francophone, independent, charter school authority, early childhood service program established under the Education Act or in a First Nation school.

The Alberta Teaching Profession Commissioner now oversees all complaints of alleged unprofessional conduct and/or professional incompetence made against Alberta certificated teachers or teacher leaders.

Section 225.5 of the Education Act requires that all Alberta certificated teachers and teacher leaders comply with the Code of Professional Conduct.

Private Schools Regulation

The Private Schools Regulation sets out requirements for the establishment and operation of private schools in Alberta, including accredited private schools, which teach the Alberta programs of study/curriculum, and registered private schools, which teach skills and knowledge consistent with the requirements of a ministerial order on basic education in Alberta. The regulation addresses the criteria required for registration and accreditation of such schools, obligations regarding school policies, proposed programs of study/curriculum, teaching qualifications, leadership certification for principals, learning outcomes to be achieved, student assessment, health and safety standards, and annual planning and reporting. Additional requirements are specified for funded private schools.

School Councils Regulation

The School Councils Regulation outlines the requirements for the establishment and operation of school councils, which advise the school board on matters pertaining to a specific school. The regulation addresses school council membership and responsibilities, governance, reporting requirements, responsibilities related to the management of money, and circumstances under which an advisory committee may fulfill the functions of a school council.

Additional information about the School Councils Regulation is available in the School Council Resource Guide.

School Fees Regulation

The School Fees Regulation requires school boards to establish policies and procedures respecting the charging of school fees. These policies and procedures must include a requirement to consult with parents as well as a process for parents to follow regarding a request that school fees be waived. Fee policies, schedules and increases do not require ministerial approval.

School Transportation Regulation

The School Transportation Regulation sets out the requirements respecting student and early childhood services transportation. The regulation permits boards to charge fees for both eligible and ineligible students. The regulation requires school boards that are charging fees to create fee policies that include the maintenance of financial statements, the need to charge the fees, dispute resolution and the process to request a fee waiver or fee refund. The regulation also requires school boards that are charging fees to publish their fee policies on their website. Fee schedules and increases do not require ministerial approval.

Student Record Regulation

The Student Record Regulation sets out the requirements and obligations regarding the management of student records maintained by a board, an operator of a public charter school, a francophone regional authority, an operator of a private school, or an early childhood services program. The regulation addresses the scope of information to be maintained in a student record; the transfer, retention and disposition of records; student, parent and third-party access to a student record; board disclosure of information; and compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection Act.