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School-awarded course marks

School principals should inform students of appeal procedures. A student who is dissatisfied with a school-awarded mark may:

  • appeal under the policies set by the school authority, or
  • take the course again

Formal notifications of school-awarded mark changes in diploma examination courses shall be submitted into PASI before the official release dates of Results Statements. These dates are published annually at Administering diploma exams.

Requests to change school-awarded marks in diploma examination courses after the published dates shall be submitted for approval into PASI.

Diploma examination marks

A student who believes that their diploma examination mark does not appropriately reflect their achievement may:

  • submit a written request for a rescore to the Provincial Assessment Sector (for contact information, see Appendix 1), in accordance with the terms and date specified on the appropriate results statement, or
  • rewrite the examination at a later administration date. For more information, see Administering diploma exams.

Rescoring a diploma examination

A student who wishes to have a diploma examination rescored is required to submit an application form and pay a rescore fee, per examination, directly to Alberta Education through myPass. This fee is refunded if the examination mark increases by 5% or more as a result of rescoring.

The mark resulting from rescoring becomes the final diploma examination mark, whether it is lowered, raised or remains the same.