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The aim of the Physical Education Kindergarten to Grade 12 Program is to enable individuals to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. To meet the aim of the physical education program, it is recommended that a variety of movement experiences be provided in all dimensions, including alternative environments (e.g., aquatics and outdoor pursuits), dance, games, gymnastics and individual activities.


In the following specified circumstances, exemptions may be warranted from one or more dimensions and/or a physical education course:

Category Conditions for Exemption Procedures Other Experiences
Individual Religious beliefs
  • Statement in writing from parent to principal
  • When exemption is granted, other activities consistent with the aim and outcomes of the program should be substituted, where appropriate.
Individual Medical
  • Certification sent to principal by medical practitioner with statement of activities in which the student is not able to participate
Individual Out-of-province Grade 12 student who is expected to graduate in the school year the student transfers into an Alberta school
  • Principal submits exemption into PASI. The exemption should be submitted at the time it is granted.
Class, Grade or School Access to facilities
  • Initiated by school authority or parent
  • Approved by school authority

When a Grade 10 student is unable to meet the requirement for Physical Education 10 for medical reasons, every effort should be made to meet this requirement during the Grade 11 or Grade 12 year.

Notice of a student’s exemption from Physical Education 10 is to be reported by the principal in PASI at the time the exemption is granted.

Students exempted from the Physical Education 10 requirement are still to acquire the total number of credits required for high school completion.

Physical Education Taken Through Home Education

The results for Physical Education 10, taken through a home education program, may be submitted to Alberta Education as a pass or fail, in accordance with section 6 of the Home Education Regulation.