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The Certificate of Achievement can be obtained by students who were enrolled in Grade 10 to Grade 12 in the Integrated Occupational Program (IOP) as of January 2006.

Knowledge and Employability courses may be used in lieu of the corresponding IOP courses to meet the requirements of the Certificate of Achievement. For the Certificate of High School Achievement requirements after 2006, refer to the Certificate of High School Achievement Requirements.

To qualify for a Certificate of Achievement, Integrated Occupational Program students must earn a minimum of 80 credits.

Education Guide - Integrated Occupational Program (IOP) Certificate of Achievement requirements prior to 2006 table (in English)
1 Credits are indicated in parentheses.
2 To be considered for a Certificate of Achievement, a student must successfully complete the English language arts requirements.
3 Francophone students in IOP must take Français 10-4 (5), Français 20-4 (5) and Français 30-4 (5), in addition to the English language arts courses indicated above.
4 See information on exemption from the CALM requirement.
5 Minimum credits may vary depending upon the Eligible Courses and Credits options chosen.
6 One 36-level course (10 credits) from any occupational cluster or one 35-level locally developed IOP course (10 credits) is acceptable for students transferring from the Integrated Occupational Program to the Alberta High School Diploma program to meet the 10-credit requirements.
7 Students may meet the 40-credit occupational course requirement by completing:
- IOP occupational courses from among the clusters listed above; AND/OR
- 40 credits in CTS courses including 10 credits in advanced-level (3000 series) courses; AND/OR
- 40 credits in RAP including two 35-level RAP courses; AND/OR
- 40 credits in any combination of any level IOP occupational courses, RAP courses and two 30-level Green Certificate courses in any specialization; AND/OR
- any 40-credit combination of IOP occupational courses, CTS courses, RAP courses or Green Certificate courses that include a minimum of 10 credits in 35-level RAP courses or 36-level occupational courses or ten advanced-level (3000 series) CTS courses.