Table of contents

Career and Technology Studies (CTS) is a high school program designed around a career pathways model to offer flexible programming.

CTS is organized into five clusters:

  • Business, Administration, Finance & Information Technology (BIT)
  • Health, Recreation & Human Services (HRH)
  • Media, Design & Communication Arts (MDC)
  • Natural Resources (NAT)
  • Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation (TMT)

A cluster is a grouping of CTS courses that represent occupations and broad industry commonalities. Clusters in CTS are aligned with the National Occupational Classification system and function as an organizing tool.

Some students may successfully complete all the learning outcomes for individual introductory-level (1000 series) CTS courses offered in grades 7 to 9. Upon recommendation of the junior high school principal, a student who successfully completes all of the learning outcomes for an introductory-level (1000 series) CTS course may be granted credits associated with that CTS course by a senior high school principal. Such recommendations should be made on an individual, case-by-case basis. A mark of “P” for pass or a percentage grade may be assigned to the student by the senior high school principal.