Alberta’s K to 12 education system

How Alberta’s school system works, school locations, and administrative planning, reporting and funding.


Contacts and information about Alberta Schools and Authorities.

Direction to educators and school authorities, goals, roles and responsibilities of Alberta’s education system.

Educational options in Alberta include public and separate schools, charter schools, private schools, home education and online learning.

Performance data, accountability, and provincial satisfaction surveys.

This annual Alberta education guide contains key information and requirements to operate and deliver ECS to Grade 12 education.

Education budget details, funding manuals and financial statements.

Important information regarding school board election procedures and regulations for school districts or authorities.

Overview of Alberta school maps, including provincial maps, and maps organized by school jurisdiction and by municipality.

School and authority enrolment data, including special education statistics by code.

Alberta’s provincial group dedicated to collective bargaining with K to 12 school teachers.