K to 12 education policies and standards

Additional direction to educators and school authorities to ensure that students receive a high quality education.

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Policies and standards

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Alberta Education has the following policies regarding K to 12 education:

  • Daily Physical Activity Policy
  • English as a Second Language Policy
  • Human Sexuality Education Policy
  • Inclusive Education Policy
  • Learning Commons Policy
  • Locally Developed Courses Policy
  • Student Evaluation Policy
  • Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy
  • Use and Reporting of Results on Provincial Assessment Policy

Details about these policies can be found in the Guide to Education.


K-12 education programs, services and outcomes are defined by compulsory delivery standards defined in the:

Ministerial order on student learning

This ministerial order sets the vision, essential values, learning foundations and outcomes for student learning in K-12 education:

Early childhood special education

When delivering educational programming and services for children with special education needs, school authorities follow the requirements outlined in the:

Grades 1 to 12 special education

For some students, full participation in learning requires that they receive specialized supports and services. School authorities are to follow the requirements outlined in the:

Teaching and leadership quality

Alberta teachers, school leaders and school authority leaders meet the competency requirements for the teaching profession outlined in the: