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Alberta Education maintains an individual student record for each Alberta student. The record for a senior high school student is used to provide a complete and accurate reflection of the student’s senior high school achievement, inclusive of courses reported as pass or fail.

Achievement in all senior high school credit courses is to be reported, with the appropriate designation, in PASI. When funding is requested, all funding conditions must be met and all supporting documentation maintained regardless of the completion status reported. For more information, see the Funding Manual for School Authorities.

School-awarded marks in diploma examination courses shall be reported in PASI by the dates specified in the Administering Diploma Exams.

School-awarded marks in all non-diploma examination courses shall be reported in PASI in accordance with Student Records’ Schedule of Activities, available through the PASI Community Site.

Reporting CTS courses

Students must be individually assessed and graded on each CTS course taken.

Schools are to report all CTS courses in PASI, along with an awarded mark. Schools also report CTS courses in which the student has an incomplete (INC) or withdrawal (WDR) status.

An INC status may be used in place of a grade below 50% when a student does not withdraw from a CTS course yet has not achieved all the learning outcomes identified in the program of studies. An incomplete status has no associated mark.

Further information about CTS course completion, reporting processes and funding eligibility is provided in the Funding Manual for School Authorities and on the PASI Community Site.