Budget documents

Detailed Alberta government budget documents, quarterly updates and economic statements, organized by fiscal year.


The detailed budget documents outline the government's financial plans from April 1 to March 31 each year.

Quarterly fiscal and economic updates on the budget are provided 3 times a year on or before the last day of August, November and February.

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The documents below contain information licensed under the Open Government Licence - Alberta.

2018-19 Budget documents

Budget 2018: A recovery built to last

Excel format: Budget 2018 Fiscal Plan chapters

2018-19 Estimates

2017-18 Budget documents

Quarterly Fiscal Updates and Economic Statements

Budget 2017: Working to make life better

Excel format: Budget 2017 Fiscal Plan chapters

2017-18 Estimates

2016-17 Budget documents

For the report on Budget 2016, see:

Quarterly Fiscal Updates and Economic Statements

Budget 2016: Alberta Jobs Plan

2016-17 Budget Estimates

Budget documents prior to 2016-17