Travel and expense disclosure

Search for expenses related to travel, accommodation, meals and hospitality incurred while on government business.

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Travel and expense disclosure

Approved expenses are disclosed to the public on a bi-monthly basis. Expenses are reported after they are approved, which is why an expense may be posted several months after the transaction date.

Under the Public Disclosure of Travel and Expenses Policy:

  • expenses are published online and reported under the individual and Ministry that incurred the expense
  • receipts are posted where applicable
  • a receipt is not required for a reimbursement of an expense for which an allowance can be claimed, which includes expenses such as:
    • per diems
    • meal allowances
    • mileage claims
    • meter parking
    • bus fares

The information is released publicly and without restriction.

View travel and expense disclosures

This data is available for download in CSV format.

What is disclosed

Costs and allowances incurred by an individual in the course of government business, including those arising from:

  • travel, including transportation, accommodation, meals and related incidentals
  • Hospitality and Working Sessions

Expense information disclosed on the site includes:

  • the name and position of the Discloser
  • the date of the transaction(s) giving rise to the Expense
  • the amount of each Expense
  • the category of each Expense (for example, travel, including transportation, accommodation, meals and related incidentals, hospitality and working sessions)
  • a description and the rationale for each Expense
  • receipts for each reimbursed Expense, where applicable

Disclosure requirements apply to:

  • Premier, Ministers and Associate Ministers
  • political staff of Ministers and Associate Ministers
  • senior officials appointed by Order in Council and paid directly by government
  • Deputy Ministers
  • Executive managers in the Alberta Public Service

Expense information posted after the Ministry name is changed will appear under the new Ministry name. Historical information will not be changed (i.e. the expense information posted under the old Ministry name will remain under the old Ministry name). If an individual changes positions or ministries, the expense will appear under the position for which the expense was incurred.

For any additional expense related questions you may have pertaining to a specific Ministry, contact the Alberta government spokesperson for that Ministry.

Terms used

"Government Business" means activities intended to promote and achieve the goals and objectives of the Government of Alberta.

"Hospitality" means any expenses incurred in respect of hospitality provided to guests of the government or individuals otherwise not engaged in work for the government as a matter of courtesy or to facilitate Government Business.

"Working Sessions" means any expenses incurred in respect of food or non-alcoholic beverages provided to individuals and to any third parties attending meetings held to facilitate Government Business.