Compensation disclosure for political staff

Salary and contract information for staff in Premier's and Ministers' offices.


We are committed to being open, transparent and accountable to the people we represent.

The Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act requires all political staff contracts above the public disclosure threshold (the ‘Sunshine List’) to be posted publicly. For 2022, the threshold is $118,316.

Most staff fall below the disclosure threshold.

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Name Title Ministry
Barker, Kristopher Chief of Staff Technology and Innovation
Bellikka, Jerry Chief of Staff Jobs, Economy and Trade
Braun, Riley Chief of Staff Indigenous Relations
Buick, Steve Government Relations Officer Office of the Premier
Gill, Shannon Chief of Staff Education
Gray, Mitchel Deputy Chief of Staff Office of the Premier
Jackson, David Chief of Staff Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction
McKay, Benjamyn Director, Legislative Affairs and House Procedures Office of the Premier
Pradella, Geoffery Senior Strategic Advisor Health
Robertson, Jesse Chief of Staff Treasury Board and Finance
Rogers, Bryan Chief of Staff Infrastructure
Smith, Marshall Chief of Staff Office of the Premier
Thresher, Christopher Chief of Staff Environment and Protected Areas
Williams, Nicole Chief of Staff Health