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Grant payments disclosure


This database provides information on grant payments made by Government of Alberta departments, and some arms-length agencies, to support programs and initiatives throughout the province.

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See details about the grant database for more information.

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Ministry grant payments

Advanced Education

Arts, Culture and Status of Women

Effective April 1, 2024, the grant payments made by Alberta Foundation for the Arts will not be disclosed on the Grant Payments Disclosure public website. The payment information will continue to be available through the Previous Grants Recipients website.

Energy and Minerals

Indigenous Relations


Municipal Affairs

Transportation and Economic Corridors

Details about the grant database

  • Grant information is released under Section 11 (d) of the Sustainable Fiscal Planning and Reporting Act.
    • Payments where names are not disclosed to protect personal information are shown under the program names.
  • Questions about specific line items or requests for additional details can be directed to ministries.
  • Under section 37 of the Financial Administration Act, deputy heads are responsible for making and controlling payments with respect to their departments.
  • This data also includes credit adjustments which may include repayments, accounting adjustments, and others.
  • Payments made by a department on behalf of another department are reported under the name of the department that made the payment.
  • The grant payment database information for 'Source of Funding-Lottery' was modified for the reporting period January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020 to reflect the December 3, 2019 dissolution of the Lottery Fund. The spending on the Fund's purpose has not changed. The programs paid out of the Lottery Fund are now paid out of General Revenue Fund.
  • The grant payments database starts April 1, 2014 and is updated quarterly. Grant payments before the 2014 fiscal year are listed in the Blue Book (Selected payments from the General Revenue Fund).
  • Grant payments made by most regulated funds, provincial agencies, Crown-controlled corporations and SUCH sector organizations (Schools, Universities, Colleges, and Alberta Health Services) are not included.
  • Some arms-length agency grant payments are included in the database, others disclose their grants on their own website.

How grant payment differs from reporting in the Consolidated Financial Statements

  • Grant payment information is presented on the basis of payments made during the period which is being reported. This differs from the Consolidated Financial Statements which follows the accrual basis of reporting whereby expenses are reported in the year they are incurred.
  • The data includes payments made by departments to government sector entities and Crown-controlled SUCH sector organizations (Schools, Universities, Colleges, and Alberta Health Services) as well as to external organizations and individuals. The Consolidated Financial Statements include only grant payments to external organizations and individuals. Grant payments between departments, government sector entities and Crown-controlled SUCH sector organizations are eliminated upon consolidation, so these transactions do not appear in the Consolidated Financial Statements.
  • The data includes payments made based on agreements by Departments on behalf of third parties pursuant to section 25 of the Financial Administration Act. These payments are reported in a note to the financial statements of Departments that made the payments and are not included in expenses in the Consolidated Financial Statements.
  • Non-cash transactions are not shown in this dataset. Expenses not involving cash outlays are included in the Consolidated Financial Statements.
  • In preparing financial statements, estimates and assumptions are made in circumstances where actual results are unknown. These estimates and assumptions affect the amounts accrued and reported in the financial statements. Actual payments made and included in this dataset may materially differ from the estimates used in preparing financial statements.
  • Since this data includes the grant payments to government sector bodies and some agencies, this data will not reconcile to the Consolidated Financial Statements.