Budget 2023 secures Alberta’s bright future by transforming the health-care system to meet people’s needs, supporting Albertans with the high cost of living, keeping our communities safe, and driving the economy with more jobs, quality education and continued diversification.

As of the 2023-24 mid-year fiscal update, Alberta’s government is forecasting a surplus of $5.5 billion in 2023-24. Fiscal responsibility is key to achieving our strong fiscal standing and sustainable program delivery in the future. We are committed to paying down debt while positioning our economy for growth and investing in Albertans' top priorities.

Read the 2023-24 Mid-year Fiscal Update and Economic Statement (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Mid-year fiscal update

Responsible fiscal management and continued economic resilience are creating stability in Alberta’s finances. Alberta’s surplus is now forecast to be $5.5 billion in 2023-24, an increase of $3.2 billion from budget and up $0.7 billion from the first-quarter update in August.

At least half of the province's available surplus cash will help Alberta pay down taxpayer-supported debt and the rest can be used for additional debt repayment, contributions to the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund and one-time initiatives that do not lead to a permanent increase in government spending.

Read the 2023-24 Mid-year Fiscal Update and Economic Statement (PDF, 1.5 MB).

Read the news release: Q2 update: Building stability for the future (November 30, 2023)

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What the budget means for you

Budget 2023 continues to provide inflation relief to help with the rising cost of everyday necessities, makes historic investments in health care and education, attracts more investment to help businesses and entrepreneurs thrive, and enhances community policing and access to addiction and mental health supports to keep Albertans and communities safe.

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Economic outlook

The Alberta economy continues to be resilient despite headwinds from interest rate increases, high prices and slower global economic growth. Alberta’s real gross domestic product (GDP) is forecast to grow 2.8% this year, in line with budget expectations.

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Total revenue of $74.3 billion is now forecast, $3.7 billion higher than estimated in Budget 2023.

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Total expense of $68.8 billion is now forecast, an increase of $481 million from Budget 2023, while expense before forecast contingency allocations is $1.9 billion higher.

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Capital plan

The Capital Plan in 2023-24 is forecast at $7.7 billion, $260 million less than Budget 2023, mainly reflecting re-profiling of cashflows to future years to align with project progress.

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Budget documents

Download detailed documents outlining the government's financial plans.

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Finance Minister Travis Toews provides details on Budget 2023.

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