Premier and Ministers' office expenses

Ministers' office expenses are posted here at the end of the following month.


Ministers' office expenses are disclosed to the public on a monthly basis, posted by the end of the following month.

The expenses include those of ministers, associate ministers, their executive assistants and administrative support staff. They cover:

  • Meals, Accommodation and Travel
    Amounts paid for expenses such as meals, air fare, taxis, parking, mileage, hotels and other accommodations incurred by the minister or associate minister and/or their office staff while traveling on government business. International travel is also reported on the Travel and expense disclosure page.

  • Hospitality and Working Sessions
    Amounts paid by the minister or associate minister and/or their office staff related to hospitality or working sessions.

  • Goods, Supplies & Services and Other Expenses
    Amounts paid to support the administration and operations of the office of the minister or associate minister, including general office supplies and services.

Office expenses disclosure

Note: the reports below are under the government structure as of the reorganization on June 9, 2023.

Premier and ministers – office expenses Date range
Office of the Premier April 2007 to current
Advanced Education April 2019 to current
Affordability and Utilities November 2022 to current
Agriculture and Irrigation November 2022 to current
Arts, Culture and Status of Women June 2023 to current
Children and Family Services June 2023 to current
Education April 2007 to current
Energy and Minerals June 2023 to current
Environment and Protected Areas November 2022 to current
Forestry and Parks June 2023 to current
Health May 2012 to current
Immigration and Multiculturalism June 2023 to current
Indigenous Relations January 2016 to current
Infrastructure April 2008 to current
Jobs, Economy and Trade June 2023 to current
Justice November 2022 to current
Mental Health and Addiction November 2022 to current
Municipal Affairs May 2008 to current
Public Safety and Emergency Services November 2022 to current
Seniors, Community and Social Services November 2022 to current
Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction November 2022 to current
Technology and Innovation November 2022 to current
Tourism and Sport June 2023 to current
Transportation and Economic Corridors November 2022 to current
Treasury Board and Finance May 2012 to current