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Alberta Public Service minimum recruitment standards

Minimum recruitment standards outline the minimum education and experience required for appointment to a job classification.

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Minimum Recruitment Standards (MRS) outline the minimum qualifications for appointment to a particular job classification – the preparation needed from both an education and experience perspective to perform that level of work.

The intent of MRS is to establish uniform qualification levels across the Alberta Public Service, providing a fair, inclusive, consistent and defensible process across government.

​Both education and experience are valued – this supports a diversified workforce, career mobility for employees, and an inclusive approach. As part of the MRS, equivalencies are identified:

  • Equivalencies allow for alternate, equal qualifications.
  • Equivalencies are normally considered although there are some classifications or work where statutory or unique requirements dictate specific qualifications (for example, regulated professions; minimum level of education required).
  • ​In a "two-way" equivalency you can consider both education and experience as suitable equivalencies.
  • In some cases, the MRS allow only "one-way" equivalencies. This means you would consider either additional education or additional experience but not both.

​Within the MRS there is flexibility for ministries to specify exactly what education and experience is related or relevant and equivalent. Ministries expand on the MRS by referring to the job description, benchmark, as well as the competency profile as they apply to the position being recruited to.

​The related education, experience, knowledge, abilities and other attributes (competencies) form the qualifications / selection criteria used in the recruitment process.

​The qualifications / selection criteria are identified in job postings and used to assess candidates.

Setting Minimum Recruitment Standards

Talent Acquisition Policy, Public Service Commission (PSC) is responsible for the MRS. Requests for revisions or additions should be forwarded to the Director, Talent Acquisition Policy, who will coordinate input from user ministries. Interim or special arrangements required during the development of MRS should be discussed with PSC Talent Acquisition Policy.

Accessing the Minimum Recruitment Standards

The job classifications used in the Alberta Public Service are listed alphabetically below. Each class title links to a description of the work, followed by the minimum recruitment standard for each level of work within that stream. The salary range is also available by selecting the Class# link.

Note: "OOE" is the abbreviation for Opted Out and Excluded positions.

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