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Alberta Public Service recruitment principles

Recruitment principles form the foundation for the hiring process in the Alberta Public Service.

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The purpose of the Government of Alberta Recruitment Program is to attract and recruit diverse talent, from within and outside the Alberta Public Service, to deliver quality programs and services to Albertans.

Through collaborative and innovative recruitment strategies, managers and human resource professionals work together to build a professional public service workforce that reflects the qualities and differences of the broader population it serves.

The following recruitment principles are in line with the Public Service Act which outlines how we fill positions and select the most suitable applicant, giving preference wherever possible to internal applicants.

Recruitment principles

Recruitment is a partnership

  • Managers and human resource professionals work together to identify and address workforce needs, ensuring a fair and inclusive recruitment process that welcomes, respects and values diversity. Human resource professionals provide expert advice, guidance and assistance to hiring managers accountable for selection decisions.

Recruitment addresses the current and future needs of the Government of Alberta

  • Recruitment is strategic, innovative and flexible. Strategies are aligned with the Government of Alberta's business objectives and workforce plans, considering labour market trends and the economic environment.

Recruitment has appropriate balance of access to employment opportunities

  • Decisions on the accessibility of recruitment opportunities reflect the need to balance several important objectives including:
    • access to opportunities by employees to encourage them to stay and build their careers within the Alberta Public Service;
    • the importance of motivating diverse talent from outside the organization to join the Government of Alberta.

Recruitment is efficient, effective, fair and inclusive

  • Processes and practices are efficient in time and cost, and effective in selecting the right people for the right roles. Recruitment decisions are impartial and consistent with recruitment legislation, the policy framework and the Collective Agreement. Participants in the recruitment process feel that they have been treated equitably.

Recruitment is conducted in accordance with the Alberta Public Service values

  • Processes and practices are conducted with respect, accountability, integrity, and excellence.