Alberta Public Service – Recruitment

Information about recruitment principles and directives, and minimum recruitment standards in the Alberta Public Service.

Recruiting talent

The Government of Alberta Recruitment Program is designed to attract and recruit diverse talent, from within and outside the Alberta Public Service, to deliver quality programs and services to Albertans.

Recruitment in the Alberta Public Service is managed through two areas – policy and service delivery:

Talent Acquisition Policy ensures recruitment policy is reflective of the current environment and responsive to future talent and workforce needs. It supports the transparency of the recruitment process through the review and development of new and/or existing policies.

Talent Acquisition Services focuses on getting the right people in the right jobs at the right time through innovative recruitment processes. It is responsible for developing targeted sourcing strategies, working with hiring managers to ensure efficient and effective recruitment practices and hiring decisions, and supporting the employee onboarding process.


Connect with Talent Acquisition:
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