The Certificate of School Completion may be awarded to students with a significant cognitive disability who meet the qualification criteria listed below. Certificates will be generated using student information in PASI upon nomination by the principal/assistant principal of the school.

Qualification Criteria

  • The student, due to a significant cognitive disability, is not able to achieve any of the following certificates or diplomas:
    • Alberta High School Diploma
    • Diplôme d’études secondaires de l’Alberta
    • High School Equivalency Diploma
    • Diplôme d’équivalence d’études secondaires
    • Certificate of High School Achievement (Knowledge and Employability)
    • Certificat de réussite d’études secondaires (Connaissances et employabilité)
  • The student has worked toward goals and objectives in their individualized program plan/instructional support plan.
  • By the end of the nomination school year, the nominee has been a student for at least 12 years (and is 17 years of age or older by March 1 of the nomination year).
  • The school year in which the nomination is being submitted is the student’s last year of school programming.
  • The student’s registration in PASI usually includes one of the following special education codes at the time of school completion: 41, 43, 44, 52.

For further information regarding student eligibility for the certificate, contact Learner Services. For contact information, see Appendix 1.

In order for students who have achieved a Certificate of School Completion to receive their certificate at the end of their last school year, please submit nominations into PASI after March 31. If a student requires a certificate earlier, contact [email protected].

Last updated: August 26, 2022