Refer to the Technical Design Requirements for Alberta Infrastructure Facilities for additional requirements. Any questions, email Cam Munro at or 780-422-7456.


File name Form name Revision date
1998_Schedule_of_Fees_AAA_APEGA (PDF, 4.9 MB) Recommended Conditions of Engagement and Schedule of Professional Fees for Building Projects (AAA APEGA) May 1998
Bldg Envelope Cx (PDF, 182 KB) Guideline for Building Envelope Commissioning: New Buildings August 2016
FloodRiskMgmt (PDF, 835 KB) Flood Risk Management Guidelines for Location of New Facilities Funded by Alberta Infrastructure November 2022
WildfireProtection (PDF, 4.1 MB) Guideline for Wildfire Protection of Institutional Building in Forested Regions in Alberta March 2013
GeoTechGuide (PDF, 841 KB) Geotechnical Investigation Guidelines for Alberta Infrastructure Projects March 2022
Solar Photovoltaic Guidelines (PDF, 1.7 MB) Planning and Installation for Alberta Infrastructure Projects December 2017
LEEDCostAnalysis (PDF, 5.2 MB) LEED Gold Certification Cost Analysis April 2009
SummaryReport (PDF, 5.7 MB) LEED Gold Certification Cost Analysis July 2008

Environmental hazards

File name Form name Revision date
EMR (PDF, 809 KB) Environmental Management Requirements (EMR) for Hazardous Materials and Contaminated Sites September 2016
HazardousMaterialsWorkProcess (PDF, 51 KB) Process required by Project Managers when working on buildings which may contain hazardous materials. February 2014
Environmental Management Requirements (EMR) Checklists Asbestos Checklist (DOCX, 467 KB) 2020-11-30
Biohazardous Material Checklist (DOCX, 471 KB) 2020-11-30
CFCs Checklist (DOCX, 465 KB) 2020-11-30
Hydrocarbon Checklist (DOCX, 70 KB) 2020-11-30
Lead Checklist (DOCX, 470 KB) 2020-11-30
Mercury Checklist (DOCX, 467 KB) 2020-11-30
Mould Checklist (DOCX, 466 KB) 2020-11-30
PCB Checklist (DOCX, 471 KB) 2020-11-30
Radioactive Checklist (DOCX, 78 KB) 2020-11-30
Unidentified Abandoned Chemicals Checklist (DOCX, 64 KB) 2020-11-30
ContaminatedSitesWorkProcess (PDF, 319 KB) Process required by Project Managers when working on sites which may contain hazardous materials. December 2022

Technical design requirements

File name Form name Revision date
TechDesignRequirements (PDF, 23.3 MB) Technical Design Requirements for Alberta Infrastructure Facilities (TDR) August 2022
SmudgeRmGuide (PDF, 165 KB) Addendum #1 to the Technical Design Requirements:
Design Guidelines for Smudging Rooms in Alberta
Infrastructure Facilities

Design documents

File name Form name Revision date
Guide Universal Washroom (PDF, 921 KB) Guidelines for Inclusive Design Universal Washroom February 2019
TDR Climate Resiliency Study (PDF, 3.0 MB) Infrastructure recently completed a study to identify future climate change impacts on Alberta’s public buildings. July 2018
AHS_Struc_Cab_Req_V2-3 (PDF, 837 KB) Alberta Health Services Structured Cabling Requirements, Version 2.3 September 2016
SecurityGuidelinesStandards (PDF, 2.0 MB) Physical Security Guidelines & Standards for Government of Alberta Facilities, Version 2.0 January 2018
Open Office Etiquette (PDF, 170 KB) Alberta Government Workplace Etiquette Reference Document January 2017
UniversalDesign (PDF, 40 KB) The Seven Principles of Universal Design August 2011
Workplace-ergonomics (PDF, 342 KB) Workplace Ergonomics June 2020

Design and technology series

The Design and Technology Series (DTS) provides introductory information to Project Teams on building design, construction best practices, emerging technologies, and sustainability. The DTS documents are for research purposes only and do not constitute official Government of Alberta policies or regulations.

Ongoing information covering design, technology and innovative topics. Both the "Design & Technology Series", and the "Research Papers" are relevant to Government of Alberta projects.

Document number Revision date
01 - PERSIST (PDF, 412 KB) October 2016
02 - Sloped vs. Vertical Glazing (PDF, 397 KB) October 2015
03 - Green Roof Design (PDF, 906 KB) October 2015
04 - Building Integrated Photovoltaics (PDF, 543 KB) October 2016
05 - EIFS Assemblies (PDF, 384 KB) October 2016
06 - Understanding Insulation (PDF, 391 KB) December 2016
07 - Green Building Standards (PDF, 405 KB) May 2017
08 - Operable Partitions (PDF, 577 KB) September 2017
09 - Electric Vehicles (PDF, 288 KB) January 2018
10 - Deeper Greening (PDF, 422 KB) October 2018
11 - Well Building Standard (PDF, 420 KB) December 2018
12 - Rooftop Photovoltaics (PDF, 484 KB) August 2019
13 - Top Ten Design Things to Watch For (PDF, 438 KB) January 2020

Research papers

File name Form name Revision date
  Solar Energy for Public Buildings in Alberta (PDF, 584 KB) May 2016
  District Energy and Co-generation for Public Buildings in Alberta (PDF, 1.4 MB) June 2016
  Renewable Energy Strategies for Communities in Alberta (PDF, 1.2 MB) October 2016
BarrierFree2017 (PDF, 6.0 MB) Barrier-Free Design Guide, 2017 June 2017
EMCSGuideline_2002 (PDF, 809 KB) Alberta Infrastructure Energy Management Control System (EMCS) Guideline for Logical Point Mnemonics March 2002

Digital project delivery

File name Form name Revision date
BidDocumentChecklist (PDF, 281 KB) Bid Document / Drawing Review Checklist February 2020
AIMReqConsultant (PDF, 480 KB) Asset Information Management, Consultant Requirements March 2018
AIMReqContractor (PDF, 490 KB) Asset Information Management, Contractor Requirements March 2018
AIMReqDesignBuild (PDF, 428 KB) Asset Information Management, Design-Builder Requirements March 2018
AIMExPlanTemplate (DOCX, 130 KB) Asset Information Management, Execution Plan Template March 2018
BIMReqConsultant (PDF, 524 KB) Building Information Modelling, Consultant Requirements March 2018
BIMReqDesignBuild (PDF, 428 KB) Building Information Modelling, Design-Builder Requirements March 2018
BIMCOBieReq (PDF, 800 KB) Building Information Modelling, COBie Requirements March 2018
BIMExPlanTemplate (DOCX, 134 KB) Building Information Modelling, Execution Plan Template March 2018
ConsultantDeliverables (PDF, 1.4 MB) Alberta Infrastructure Standards for Consultant Deliverables for Building Projects March 2021
SpecPrep (PDF, 229 KB) Project Manual (Specifications) Preparation Instructions for Alberta Infrastructure Building Construction Contracts February 2020


File name Form name Revision date
ProjectSignage (unavailable, currently being updated) Capital Project Identification Signage Guidelines October 2017
Contractor Start-Up Forms (unavailable, currently being updated) Mechanical Contractor Start-Up Forms July 2019
Electrical Contractor Start-Up Forms July 2019
Acoustic RT Guideline (PDF, 189 KB) Guide for Sufficient Diffusion for Reverberation Time Testing of Unoccupied and Unfurnished Gymnasium or Modular Classrooms November 2019


File name Form name Revision date
POE Methodology (PDF, 568 KB) Post Occupancy Evaluation - Methodology May 2022
POE Definitions (PDF, 888 KB) Post Occupancy Evaluation - Definitions May 2022
Indoor Air Quality (PDF, 717 KB) Guide to Indoor Air Quality Management of Government Owned and Supported Infrastructure May 2020
MouldManagement (PDF, 647 KB) Mould in Indoor Environments Risk Assessment and Management Program Handbook June 2007
GreenGuide (PDF, 718 KB) Environmental Operations of Alberta Infrastructure Facilities, Third Edition May 2018

Dispute resolution process

File name Form name Revision date
DisputeResolution Dispute Resolution Process for Government of Alberta for Construction Contracts 1997

Additional supported infrastructure documents

File name Form name Revision date
GFNA062021 (PDF, 16.0 MB) Grossing Factors & Net Areas Guidelines For Healthcare Facilities in Alberta June 2021
DesignGuideConCareFac (PDF, 1.7 MB) Design Guidelines for Continuing Care Facilities in Alberta

This document describes "best and contemporary practices" for continuing care facilities and is intended to promote innovative design for Supportive Living and Facility Living environments in Alberta

August 2018
hi-ipc-hcf-design.pdf (PDF, 7.3 MB) Infection Prevention and Control
Healthcare Facility Design Requirements (AHS)
October 2021
hi-ipc-hcf-toolkit.pdf (PDF, 788 KB) Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) and Preventive Measures Toolkit for Construction, Renovation and Maintenance (AHS) October 2021

Title block drawings

Each of the title block drawing files contains:

  • Pre-loaded Alberta Infrastructure CAD layers for the selected discipline.
  • Option to select variety of sheet sizes within the drawing file.
Size File name Revision date
A0 Title Block GOA-AI-TSB-XX-TMP-A0_Project_Title_Block-001 (DWG, 591 KB) February 2020
A1 Title Block GOA-AI-TSB-XX-TMP-A1_Project_Title_Block-001 (DWG, 574 KB) February 2020
A2 Title Block GOA-AI-TSB-XX-TMP-A2_Project_Title_Block-001 (DWG, 579 KB) February 2020
11x17 Title Block GOA-AI-TSB-XX-TMP-11x17_Project_Title_Block-001 (DWG, 574 KB) February 2020

Technical bulletins

File name Form name Revision Date
TB-001A (PDF, 132 KB) De-Icing Concrete October 2016
TB-020B (PDF, 79 KB) Asbestos Management September 2013
TB-037 (PDF, 33 KB) Arc Flash and Workplace Electrical Safety September 2009
TB-038 (PDF, 171 KB) Security Considerations for Secure Rooms Located in Varied Use Facilities September 2012

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