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Roadside development

Policies, guidelines and permit requirements for development next to Alberta roads and highways.

Services and information

Read about roadside development, including policies and guidelines, who pays for improvements and permit requirements.

Request and prepare proposals for legal road closures.

What you need to know before placing election signs on provincial highways.

Government manages and designs locations where vehicles enter, leave and cross provincial highways.

Apply for a permit for commercial filming or to hold a special event on a provincial highway in Alberta.

Apply for a permit to cut hay for personal use within a highway right-of-way.

You need a permit to install a sign within the highway control zone in Alberta.

A permit is required for seismic operations within provincial highway rights-of-way.

Requirements for telecommunications, electrical or pipeline construction or modifications within the permit area of a provincial highway.

Government approval is required before you can build or change a development by a provincial highway.

A municipality may require dedication of a service road by caveat when a landowner subdivides land next to a provincial highway.