Except for minor 2-lane highways, you must apply for a permit for all proposed signs, including sign information changes, within:

  • 300 m of a provincial right-of-way (existing highway limits)
  • 800 m of the centerline of a highway and public road intersection

Permits are issued by Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors and are subject to:

You cannot install or change a sign by a provincial highway before a permit has been issued to you by Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors.

Ineligible sign types

 Permits will not be provided for signs that:

  • display an intermittent flashing, rotating or moving light
  • are floodlit, which could distract drivers
  • have any moving or rotating parts
  • imitate the wording of a standard or commonly used highway traffic signs, such as "Stop", "Stop Ahead" or "Yield"
  • imitate or resemble a traffic control device, such as traffic signal or traffic signs
  • display commercial advertising, other than for the purpose of identifying a business or guiding traffic
  • use red or yellow background

Permits are also not granted for any associated yard lights, area lighting and other lights that, in the opinion of Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors, are excessively distracting to the public or create a traffic hazard.

Sign recommendations

Signs should follow these general guidelines to improve their visibility and readability:

  • made of reflective material to help ensure they are visible at night
  • be developed professionally, using conventional exterior sign materials
  • use a minimum letter size of at least 15 cm
  • use of readable letter styles for improved legibility

Election signs

Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors provides guidelines for the safe installation of election signs along provincial highways. If a sign does not comply with the guidelines, a peace officer or person authorized by Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors may, without notice or compensation, remove the sign.

Read about election sign guidelines.

How to apply

Step 1. Contact the area Transportation and Economic Corridors District Office

Ask the district office contact if your sign requires a permit.

Step 2. Complete the application form

Ensure you:

  • print your responses
  • describe the proposed sign in detail
  • have your application signed by your organization’s owner or authorized agent (if applicable)
  • attach:
    • site plan (8-1/2 x 11” pages) (PDF, 245 KB) showing proposed sign setback and distance from the highway
    • diagram that includes the sign’s:
      • dimensions
      • layout, including wording and lettering
      • background colour

Step 3. Submit the form to Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors

Return your completed form and its attachments to the appropriate Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors District Office.


For more information about highway development and permits:

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