Road closures

Request and prepare proposals for legal road closures.

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Road closures


There are 3 types of closure documents used to close Alberta roads:

  • Municipal road closure requests – Titled land

    Municipal roads through or adjacent to titled land may be closed under the Municipal Government Act if it is determined the road is not required as part of the provincial transportation system and does not affect legal access to any properties.

    The following councils may propose road closures:

    • municipal
    • county
    • town
    • village

    A landowner interested in requesting a road closure must contact their town, village, municipal or county office to make a request to initiate the closure process.

    Municipal road closure proposals are prepared as:

    • municipal bylaw (may be used to close any type of municipal road)
    • municipal resolution (may be used to close registered road plans that are excepted from an adjacent land title – these are most commonly road diversions registered when they were unable to construct the road following the statutory road allowance adjacent to the land)

    For more information on municipal road closures, contact your local Development and Planning Technologist: Transportation Region and District Offices.

  • Road closure requests – Crown land

    Roads through or adjacent to Alberta Crown land are closed under the Highways Development and Protection Act if the road is not required as part of the provincial transportation system.

    A request to close a road through Crown land may be submitted by:

    • Alberta Environment and Protected Areas
    • Alberta Infrastructure
    • other Alberta ministries
    • Government of Canada
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