Event hosting or filming on a provincial highway

Apply for a permit for commercial filming or to hold a special event on a provincial highway in Alberta.


Special event permits are issued to ensure the safety of:

  • motorists travelling the provincial highway
  • workers
  • event participants and spectators

Obtaining a permit also ensures you are aware of any scheduled construction or maintenance work during your event or filming. You cannot film on or hold an event by a provincial highway before a permit has been issued.

In the approval process, the organizer should notify or obtain an approval from other authorities or agencies such as, municipalities, RCMP, emergency services, Indian reserves, and make specific arrangements for assistance where required.

Permits are subject to the:

How to apply

To find out what permits your project will need:

We may not be able to process:

  • incomplete applications
  • special event applications received less than 30 business days before the event
  • filming applications received less than 10 business days before filming


Connect with the district office for assistance on roadside development permits via RPATH Portal or Contact us.