Permits for hay cutting along provincial highways

Apply for a permit to cut hay for personal use within a highway right-of-way.


Hay cutting permits allow the Alberta government to track requests and coordinate activities that may occur within the highway right-of-way, such as highway:

  • construction projects
  • maintenance activities, such as mowing and vegetation control

Permit conditions

  • During haying operations, all bales and equipment within the highway right-of-way must be stored as far away from the road surface as possible.
  • All operations must be completed between August 15 and September 15, depending on your location in the province (contact your local District Office for more information).
  • All bales and equipment must be removed from the right-of-way once haying is completed.
  • Due to potential hazards of working within a highway right-of-way, insurance may also be required.

How to apply

Hay permits are issued free of charge.

Contact the appropriate District Office for a permit application.


Connect with a District Office about highway development and permits.