Roadside Planning and Application Tracking Hub – RPATH

This online portal streamlines the application processes for roadside development.


The Roadside Planning and Application Tracking Hub (RPATH) supports more efficient processing of roadside planning activities such as:

  • municipal referrals for subdivision and other highway vicinity planning proposals
  • installation of utilities
  • construction of developments
  • highway access
  • sign installations near a highway

RPATH will provide the following benefits:

  • allow for easier and quicker handling of permit applications and municipal referrals
  • include an interactive map to easily submit inquiries or get basic information about future highway plans
  • provide real time tracking of the status of an application or referral, including access to previous permits issued through RPATH
  • replace the need for email, PDF or paper application forms
  • increase consistency across application and approval processes
  • improve communications

For municipalities, RPATH provides a simple dashboard and reports. Municipal staff will be able to see the status of referrals or inquiries and communicate directly with Transportation and Economic Corridors.

How to access RPATH

Step 1. Create an Account

Applicants require a valid Account for individuals or an Account for a business before applying or creating an RPATH profile.

Individual users require an Account.

Business/company users require an Account for Organizations:

For more information:

Step 2. Log in to RPATH

Once you have a verified account you can then access Transportation and Economic Corridor’s online application portal – RPATH – and start your application or inquiry.

Log in to RPATH

Supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox


Contact the district office for assistance on roadside development permits via RPATH Portal or Contact us.