Solar power generation development

Apply for a permit to construct and operate a solar power generation development.


A permit is required for constructing and operating a solar power generation development within the provincial highway control zone, which is:

  • 300 m beyond the limit of a provincial highway
  • 800 m from the centerline of a provincial highway and public road intersection


  • For a solar power plant with a total capacity of 1 MW or greater, you are required to submit a solar glare assessment report for review and approval. The solar glare assessment report will assess the potential glint and glare effects from the proposed solar panels to provincial highway users.
  • Refer to Assessment Requirements for Solar Development near Provincial Highways for guidance.

How to apply

Step 1. Consultation

Prior to submitting a solar glare assessment report, you should consult the District Office to determine the acceptability of the study scope, assumptions, and methodology.

Step 2. Submit the application

Submit the application to the RPATH Portal.


Contact the district office for assistance on roadside development permits via RPATH Portal or Contact us.