Current school projects

The Alberta government works with provincial school boards to build schools in Alberta.

2023 Approved School Capital Projects

2022 Approved School Capital Projects

2021 Approved School Capital Projects

2020 Approved School Capital Projects

2019 Approved School Capital Projects

Project planning

Every year, each school board creates a list of building projects that are important to their communities for the next 3 years. This list is known as the board’s 3-year capital plan.

Government uses information from the individual school board plans to create a provincial capital plan.

Provincial capital plans consider many factors, including:

  • a school’s impact on health and safety of students
  • the condition of the buildings
  • enrolment trends
  • each school board’s 3-year capital plan

The provincial capital plan helps government decide which projects will be approved when funding is available for school projects.

If a project is approved, the local school board, Alberta Education and Alberta Infrastructure work together on the details of the project to help ensure it meets students’ needs.

School boards may also identify partners that could help enhance projects for students and the greater community.

Investing in school projects

This process outlines the activities that school authorities need to complete in order to ensure they can proceed to construction in a timely manner when construction funding is provided.

School authorities are not required to complete every stage before going to construction funding. Depending on readiness and ability to complete the required steps prior to construction, projects may accelerate at different rates. For example, if a school authority completes both pre-planning and planning stages at the same time, they could move from pre-planning straight through to design or full.

If school authorities are able to progress early design elements while in planning, they could move from planning to a full funding approval.

The School Capital Manual includes policies, procedures, guidelines and references for funding and planning projects. It is updated on an ongoing basis as required.

School Capital Reporting System – User Manual


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