Past reservation types, Disposition Reservation (DRS), Parks Reservation Notation (PRS), and Provisional Roadway (RDS), were unique and used exclusively by the department and other ministries within the Government of Alberta. They had many purposes ranging from fire towers to public utility projects. Generally, the requirements for Government dispositions should follow the requirements of those dispositions with similar purposes and activities found in PLAR Table A1. For example, an access road would be a licence of occupation and sand and gravel removal would be a surface materials lease.

Since the launch of the Land Use Reservation Program (LURP) a shift was made to provide more clarity on the differences between a disposition and a reservation. It has always been known that a reservation is not a disposition, so the following changes will further support this affirmation. More information on LURP can be found on the webpage.

A transition to remove reservation terminology from previous government disposition activity types will be more apparent going forward. Currently, the department will continue to use existing activity types until the department has completed its planned regulatory transformation project phases.

Types of Government of Alberta dispositions

Until the regulatory transformation project phases have been completed the department will continue to use the current disposition codes: DRS, PRS, and RDS; however, these activity types are now known as:

  • Disposition Regulatory Sites (DRS) – An activity type used for the occupation of provincial government entities on public land.
  • Parks Regulatory Sites (PRS) – An activity type used for the occupation of provincial government entities on Parks or protected area lands.
  • Provisional Roadway (RDS) – An activity type used to hold lands for the proposed construction of a provisionally held road.

DRS, PRS, and RDS activity types will continue to exist in their current form within the Geographic land information management and planning system (GLIMPS) and therefore show within a public land standing report. Understanding these types are now recognized as dispositions, they will be managed as a departmental disposition which enables a government department or agency to utilize and occupy Crown lands for a specific purpose. Application for a DRS, PRS or RDS will continue to follow existing application processes although the forms have been updated to reflect some of these recent changes.

Regulatory applications require consent to be obtained if any of the proposed activity falls within a DRS, PRS, or RDS boundary. For more information refer to the Pre-application requirements for formal dispositions.

More information on survey or sketch requirements can be found on our Survey/Sketch Plans webpage.

First nation consultation must be applied for prior to the government disposition application submission.

If you need assistance with what purpose/activity to apply for contact your local regional office or the Public Lands Disposition Management section.


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