Land Management – Contacts

Area contacts for inquiries about public and private land-use management for agricultural, industrial and recreational activities.

Land Management Contacts

Upstream oil, gas, oil sands and coal projects listed in the Responsible Energy Development Act are managed by the Alberta Energy Regulator.

For general enquiries, please call 310-LAND (5263).

If you have questions regarding a specific location, you can use our interactive maps to locate the direct contact information for the Agrologist or Lands Officer responsible for that area:

Agrologist Interactive Map

  • Agricultural dispositions and activities on public lands
    • Grazing leases, grazing licenses, grazing permits
    • Farm development leases
    • Provincial Grazing Reserves
    • Hay permits
  • Recreational activities on agricultural leases

Lands Officer Interactive Map

  • Tourism and commercial recreation
  • Non-oil and gas Licenses of Occupation (for example: Roads)
  • Easements (for example: Powerlines)
  • Surface materials (for example: Sand & Gravel)
  • Recreational activities
  • Non-grazing reservations
  • Temporary Field Authorizations and Access Permits
  • Miscellaneous and other activities on public land
  • General questions about a specific location