Dispositional Operational Approvals and Temporary Field Authorizations

Both Environment and Protected Areas (the Department) and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) (the Agency) administer Disposition Operational Approvals (DOAs) and Temporary Field Authorizations (TFAs) on public land.

Temporary Field Authorizations

TFAs are stand-alone authorizations issued for short-term activities on vacant public land. They are not issued to meet the requirements of an existing formal disposition or another authorization. TFAs are not renewable but may be extended if deemed acceptable by the regulatory body. The TFA term may vary depending on the purpose and activity being applied for.

Disposition Operational Approvals

DOAs are operational approvals issued in relation to a formal disposition or an authorization. Approvals expire when the related formal disposition or authorization expires or is cancelled, or when the defined term of the DOA expires.

To determine which activities allow for the application of a DOA or a TFA, please refer to the "PLAR Approvals and Authorizations Administrative Procedures" document and "Instructions for Completion of TFA or DOA Application Forms" document under the Temporary Field Authorization & Dispositional Operational Approvals section at:

Industrial and Commercial Work Camps

If you are applying for a short-term Industrial and/or Commercial Work Camp, there are some specific application requirements provided in the "Commercial Work Camps Directive" that can be found under the External Directives section at: