Programs that deal with land management, development and consultations in Alberta.


This program creates and compiles land use data to inform provincial land and resource management.

Land use activities and application processes.

An integrated and coordinated approach to resource management better manages and monitors Alberta’s natural assets.

Apply for a disposition for agricultural, industrial or recreational use of public land or land within provincial park boundaries.

Various pieces of legislation and policy fall under the mandate of Alberta Environment and Protected Areas.

Programs and services that support the long-term management of Alberta’s land and natural resources.

Land conservation, reclamation and remediation, and contaminant management.

Through the Land-use Framework, the Alberta government is addressing cumulative impacts on the environment.

Find online systems and services that support Alberta’s land dispositions and other public land applications.

Pesticides in Alberta must be safely distributed, stored, used and disposed.

You can make appeals to the Public Lands Appeal Board on certain land decisions.

Land-use planning has changed how certain Crown mineral rights are managed, including the compensation and cancellation of some agreements.