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Compensation disclosure

Public sector body and staff salary and severance, and political staff salaries and contracts.

Services and information

Public agency employees and members, and Government of Alberta employees, may be exempt from compensation disclosure if it threatens their safety.

Learn how to apply for an exemption and what information will be publicly disclosed.

Salary and contract information for staff in Premier's and Ministers' offices.

Compensation disclosure, including nil reports, for public agencies, boards and commissions, organized by ministry or office.

The Reform of Agencies, Boards and Commissions Compensation Act enables government to develop regulations to set compensation frameworks.

Disclosure for government agencies, boards and commissions and other public sector bodies.

Find government employee salary and severance information above the annual threshold.

Reports for payments to MLAs such as remuneration, benefits, allowances, travel expenses, and pension payments to former MLAs.

Search information on sole-source contracts for government services.