When land next to a provincial highway is subdivided, the municipality may require the landowner to ensure that a caveat and service road agreement is registered with the subdivision plan provided to Alberta Transportation.

Service road agreements and caveats are subject to Sections 14-16 of the Subdivision and Development Regulation under the Municipal Government Act.

Submission process and templates

The plan of survey for the subdivision must be prepared by a surveyor registered with the Alberta Land Surveyor’s Association. The surveyor or a lawyer also prepares the service road agreement and submits all documents to the Registrar, Alberta Land Titles, on the landowner’s behalf.

Step 1. Contact Alberta Transportation

Contact the nearby Alberta Transportation District Office to discuss the description for the service road agreement.

Step 2. Complete the agreement template

Download and complete the Service Road Agreement (DOC, 207 KB) template:

  • use the <F11> key to move between required fields
  • copy and paste owner information from the title view in SPIN II (Land Titles) to ensure it transfers correctly and include ownership type, if specified (for example, as joint owners)

Step 3. Submit the agreement for review

Email the following information to transds-yegcaveats@gov.ab.ca:

  • copy of the service road agreement
  • electronic copy of the subdivision plan, including the location of the service road and any newly-created lots
  • electronic copy of the municipal conditions of subdivision

Step 4. Alberta Transportation prepares the caveat

Alberta Transportation reviews the information provided to verify that the description and plan meet requirements and comply with the pre-approved documents and sketch. The applicant is notified by email if conditions are required or if the application meets Alberta Transportation requirements.

Step 6. Sign and submit the agreement

The landowner signs 3 copies of the service road agreement.

This step can be completed before the description is approved, to shorten the turnaround time.

Signed documents can be sent by:

Road Closure Coordinator
Environmental Regulation
Alberta Transportation
2nd Floor, Twin Atria Building
4999 98 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T6B 2X3

Step 7. Finalized agreement is distributed

The subdivision plan is registered and the surveyor will receive:

  • endorsed and commissioned caveat
  • Document Registration Request (DRR)
  • 2 endorsed copies of the service road agreement

One copy of the service road agreement is attached to the subdivision plan and documents for registration at Land Titles. The other copy is submitted to the municipality.

DRRs expire 3 months from the date prepared. If subdivision registration is delayed, another DRR for the service road agreement and caveat can be provided by Alberta Transportation when requested.

Please email transds-yegcaveats@gov.ab.ca if the caveat is registered on the surveyor’s or lawyer’s DRR.


For more information about service road agreements and caveats:

Athabasca District Office

Phone: 780-675-2624

Main Floor, Jewell Building
3603 53 Street
Athabasca, Alberta  T9S 1A9
Email: transdevelopmentathabasca@gov.ab.ca
Open in Google Maps for directions

Calgary District Office

Phone: 403-297-6311

2nd Floor, Willowglen Business Park
803 Manning Road NE
Calgary, Alberta  T2E 7M8
Email: transdevelopmentcalgary@gov.ab.ca
Open in Google Maps for directions

Edson District Office

Phone: 780-723-8250

2nd Floor, Provincial Building
111 54 Street
Edson, Alberta  T7E 1T2
Email: transdevelopmentedson@gov.ab.ca
Open in Google Maps for directions

Fort McMurray District Office

Phone: 780-743-7376

6th Floor, West Tower
9915 Franklin Avenue
Fort McMurray, Alberta  T9H 2K4
Email: application.permit.fm@gov.ab.ca
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Grande Prairie District Office

Phone: 780-538-5310

1st Floor, Provincial Building
10320 99 Street
Grande Prairie, Alberta  T8V 6J4
Email: transdevelopmentgrandeprairie@gov.ab.ca
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Hanna District Office

Phone: 403-854-5550

2nd Floor, Provincial Building
401 Centre Street
Hanna, Alberta  T0J 1P0
Email: transdevelopmenthanna@gov.ab.ca
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Lethbridge District Office

Phone: 403-381-5426

3rd Floor, Administration Building
909 3 Avenue North
Lethbridge, Alberta  T1H 0H5
Email: transdevelopmentlethbridge@gov.ab.ca
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Peace River District Office

Phone: 780-624-6280

3rd Floor, Provincial Building
Bag 900, Box 29
9621 96 Avenue
Peace River, Alberta  T8S 1T4
Email: transdevelopmentpeaceriver@gov.ab.ca
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Red Deer District Office

Phone: 403-340-5166

4th Floor, Provincial Building
4920 51 Street
Red Deer, Alberta  T4N 6K8
Email: transdevelopmentreddeer@gov.ab.ca
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Stony Plain District Office

Phone: 780-963-5711

4711 44 Avenue
Stony Plain, Alberta  T7Z 1N4
Email: transdevelopmentstonyplain@gov.ab.ca
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Vermilion District Office

Phone: 780-853-8178

2nd Floor, Provincial Building
PO Box 28
4701 52 Street
Vermilion, Alberta  T9X 1J9
Email: transdevelopmentvermilion@gov.ab.ca
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