A permit from Alberta Transportation is required for new or changes to roadside developments within the development control zone, which is:

  • 300 m from a provincial right-of-way
  • 800 m of the centerline of a highway and public road intersection

Permits are subject to:

You cannot start your development project before a permit has been issued to you by Alberta Transportation.



Direct highway access is a potential safety hazard to highway users, so it is only permitted if it is considered essential by Alberta Transportation:

  • property with access through a local road, or available through a local road, does not normally qualify
  • where direct access is essential, only one direct highway access per quarter section is usually permitted

If the proposal includes access to an existing or proposed new or upgraded municipal road intersection with a provincial highway, approval from the local municipality must be provided.

Minimum setback

Every proposal is assessed individually. Setbacks are determined after reviewing:

  • proposal specifics
  • future highway improvement plans

The general minimum setback for all development is 70 metres from the highway centre-line or no closer than 40 metres from the highway right-of-way boundary, except where these distances must be increased to allow for highway widening.

Site plan

Your site plan must show the:

  • setback
  • location of the existing and proposed development
  • suggested access

Building details are not required, but you must provide the proposed development’s:

  • location
  • size
  • type of building

See an example of a development site plan (PDF, 126 KB).

The plan size should be either 8 ½” x 11” or 11” x 17”. If multiple pages are submitted, the applicant must sign each page.


Placement of any trees, hedges or shrubs within 30 metres from the highway right-of-way boundary, or 60 metres from the centre line of the highway, whichever distance is greater, is prohibited without a permit.

How to apply

Step 1. Contact your local municipality

Inform your local municipality about the proposed development, and where it would be situated.

You should also ask your municipality contact to confirm if their written approval is required before you can proceed to step 2.

Step 2. Complete the Roadside Development Application form

Download and complete the Roadside Development Application (PDF, 491 KB).

Print your responses and provide all of the information requested, including:

  • the proposed development, including a site plan
  • its location
  • access, including municipality approval, if required
  • estimated cost (best estimate)

Step 3. Complete other application forms (if needed)

If signage, access, or utility permit is required, please complete and submit the applicable Application form with your roadside development application.

Step 4. Submit the application forms to Alberta Transportation

Return your forms to the appropriate Alberta Transportation District Office.


For more information about highway development and permits:

Athabasca District Office

Phone: 780-675-2624

Main Floor, Jewell Building
3603 53 Street
Athabasca, Alberta  T9S 1A9
Email: [email protected]
Open in Google Maps for directions

Calgary District Office

Phone: 403-297-6311

2nd Floor, Willowglen Business Park
803 Manning Road NE
Calgary, Alberta  T2E 7M8
Email: [email protected]
Open in Google Maps for directions

Edson District Office

Phone: 780-723-8250

2nd Floor, Provincial Building
111 54 Street
Edson, Alberta  T7E 1T2
Email: [email protected]
Open in Google Maps for directions

Fort McMurray District Office

Phone: 780-743-7376

6th Floor, West Tower
9915 Franklin Avenue
Fort McMurray, Alberta  T9H 2K4
Email: [email protected]
Open in Google Maps for directions

Grande Prairie District Office

Phone: 780-538-5310

1st Floor, Provincial Building
10320 99 Street
Grande Prairie, Alberta  T8V 6J4
Email: [email protected]
Open in Google Maps for directions

Hanna District Office

Phone: 403-854-5550

2nd Floor, Provincial Building
401 Centre Street
Hanna, Alberta  T0J 1P0
Email: [email protected]
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Lethbridge District Office

Phone: 403-381-5426

3rd Floor, Administration Building
909 3 Avenue North
Lethbridge, Alberta  T1H 0H5
Email: [email protected]
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Peace River District Office

Phone: 780-624-6280

3rd Floor, Provincial Building
Bag 900, Box 29
9621 96 Avenue
Peace River, Alberta  T8S 1T4
Email: [email protected]
Open in Google Maps for directions

Red Deer District Office

Phone: 403-340-5166

4th Floor, Provincial Building
4920 51 Street
Red Deer, Alberta  T4N 6K8
Email: [email protected]
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Stony Plain District Office

Phone: 780-963-5711

4711 44 Avenue
Stony Plain, Alberta  T7Z 1N4
Email: [email protected]
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Vermilion District Office

Phone: 780-853-8178

2nd Floor, Provincial Building
PO Box 28
4701 52 Street
Vermilion, Alberta  T9X 1J9
Email: [email protected]
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