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Red tape makes government bigger and opportunity smaller. We’re cutting unnecessary red tape by one-third to reduce costs, speed up approvals and make life better for Albertans and businesses.

If you’ve come across a government process that’s too complex, takes too long, serves no purpose, or is duplicative or wasteful, we want to know about it.

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Cutting red tape

To cut red tape, we're asking businesses, organizations and all people to point out unnecessary regulations and share ideas on which regulations should be improved, kept or scrapped.

We also introduced Bill 4: the Red Tape Reduction Act. This act will create new powers to measure, report and reduce red tape – including a new "one-in/one-out" rule for every new regulation created.

We’re going to take Alberta from being the most over-regulated to the freest economy in Canada. We aren’t just saying we’re reducing red tape – we are making it the law. We are committed to cutting red tape by one-third – and once we cut it, we will prevent new red tape from creeping back."
- Jason Kenney, Premier

Actions to date

  • Oil and gas

    Code of Conduct Regulation (under the Electric Utilities Act)

    • simplify code of conduct requirements regarding disclosure statements for electricity retailers
    • simplify the advertisement requirements for electricity retailers and natural gas services

    Independent Power and Small Power Regulation

    • repeal regulation as it's no longer required

    Innovative Energy Technologies Regulation

    • repeal regulation as it's no longer required

    Reclassify oilwell service rigs

    • exempt oilwell service rigs from some regulatory requirements on commercial vehicles and to align with other provinces
    • reduces administrative burden for industry

    Service rigs harmonization

    • harmonize rig classification standards across provinces
    • reduces administrative burden for industry
  • Tourism and hospitality

    Tourism and Commercial Recreation Growth

    • give tourism operators longer leases on public lands
    • longer leases makes it easier for operators to secure financing, makes the industry more competitive and strengthens the economy

    Liquor in provincial parks

    AGLC craft liquor sales at artisan markets

    • Modernizes policy so craft liquor sales are available at a greater number of artisan craft markets, almost tripling the number of eligible markets.

    AGLC Special Licensed Events

    • clarify that enclosed events like festivals can choose where patrons can consume alcohol

    AGLC Alternative Financial Security for Gaming Retailers

    • approve cash deposits from retailers as an alternative financial security for gaming retailers
    • prior to this change, obtaining approval could take up to 6 weeks and had to be renewed every 2 years at a cost to the business of approximately $400-500
  • Agriculture, forestry, agri-food and bio-industrial

    Weed appeal process

    • streamline Weed Control Act appeal process to shorten the wait time to get a decision
    • an outside adjudicator will review appeals through their own independent hearing, which will significantly shorten processing time

    Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) lending mandate

    • implement the AFSC lending mandate that was approved in January 2018, which will provide assistance to agriculture processors, producers and agri-businesses
    • this includes establishing an agribusiness lending group to work with agricultural processors

    Surplus crown rural property appraisals

    • update and simplify the current appraisal policy on rural property sales
    • this change will reduce government costs and speed up the rural property sales process by as much as 4 weeks

    Forestry Protection Act Regulation

    • unify the College of Alberta Professional Technologists and the College of Alberta Professional Foresters into one professional regulatory organization – the Association of Alberta Forest Management Professionals

    Public land leases

  • Non-profits

    Multi-year grant agreements

    • move current grant funding agreements for various ministries to multi-year grant agreements
    • provides certainty to stakeholders and reduces time used to apply for grants, freeing up non-profit organizations so they can focus on delivering programs and services.

    Electronic funds transfers

    • set up e-transfers for Community Grant Programs
    • this will allow organizations to receive their funding within three to five business days, rather than an average wait of 100 days

    AGLC charity non-cheque payments

    • expand the use of electronic fund transfers for charities when making payments from their casino bank accounts
    • charities have previously been required to use cheques (requiring two signatures)
  • Government programs and services

    Automatic enrolment from AISH to Seniors Benefit

    • enable the automatic enrolment of AISH program recipients into Seniors Financial Assistance programs at age 65

    Canadian Free Trade Agreement

    • eliminate half of the procurement exceptions from internal trade agreements and review the remaining exceptions in order to create more competition for contracts and enable Alberta companies to bid in larger Canadian markets

    Condominium regulations

    • Pauses the implementation of new condominium regulations in order to review them and ensure they do not cause red tape.
    • Condominium rules consultation

    Municipal government property tax incentives

    • Allow municipalities to provide property tax incentives for up to 15 years, in order to attract new investments and support the economic needs of their communities
    • Property tax incentives webpage

    Public Health Act Forms Regulation

    • Repeal the regulation so changes to public health forms can be made more easily and the forms can be made available online
  • Photo of Grant Hunter

    Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

    Grant Hunter is leading government's efforts to cut red tape. Relying on his own experience as an entrepreneur, Hunter will target unnecessary over-regulation that is weighing job-creators down, while empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to invest and create jobs in Alberta.


Red Tape Reduction
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