Reducing red tape in child care

Minister of Children’s Services Rebecca Schulz meets with children at Kids3 Daycare in Edmonton during the new online subsidy application tool announcement event on February 4.

The new application site allows parents to easily check if they are eligible and apply for child care subsidy using any computer, tablet or smart phone. This means fewer paper submissions, emails and phone calls for support, reducing red tape and allowing staff to focus more time on supporting children and families and less on helping them with paperwork.  

“The new subsidy system is an innovative step that allows parents to file their application easier and quicker than before through a modern, secure and user-friendly system. This is a common-sense and long overdue change to help parents get the support they need.”

Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Children’s Services

“This new application is a great example of the work we’re doing to reduce red tape and make government processes more efficient. It will streamline the process, making it easier for parents to easily navigate child care subsidies. This will allow government staff to be more efficient so they can spend more time on higher value work, which ultimately saves tax payer dollars.”

Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

This new application site was tested with Albertans and front-line service staff to ensure the most effective tool for families.

“The new subsidy application is an easier and more convenient process and helps to lessen anxiety, stress and hassle. It lets you know if you are eligible or not and estimates how much you’ll receive right on the spot. Subsidy has made a big difference to our family so that we can work full-time.”

Michelle and Robert Junio, Edmonton parents

Red Tape Reduction

The new online application supports the Alberta government’s commitment to cutting red tape, reducing the regulatory burden on businesses and making life easier for all Albertans. To track our progress, or if you have a suggestion about where we can cut even more red tape, please visit

Online and secure

Parents access the service using a MyAlberta Digital ID to ensure their information and personal privacy are safe and secure. MyAlberta Digital ID is a single, verified online identity for interacting with digital government programs and services. Accounts are free and allow parents to start their application and come back to complete it later.

The app development was the first major project of the Alberta Digital Innovation Office, in conjunction with Service Alberta, which was created to drive digital transformation and innovation across government.