Red tape industry panels

Bringing together experts from Alberta's major industries to help identify and cut unnecessary red tape.


Industry panels help in identifying unnecessary red tape in key sectors of Alberta's economy. We leverage their expertise, experiences and ideas to make our province a more welcoming place to do business.

Alberta’s businesses bear the brunt of burdensome red tape. About half of our province’s existing acts and regulations directly or indirectly apply to private sector business.

The industry panels support Alberta's goal to cut red tape by one-third to make government work better for Albertans and businesses.


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Who is listening

Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction


The panels are chaired by various Albertan industry leaders that provide an advisory role to:

  • identify regulatory burdens that hold back the respective sectors
  • give feedback on current and upcoming initiatives directly to the minister
  • find ways to improve every area of Alberta's economy to promote job growth in a way that is safe and efficient for every Albertan and their families

Industry panels meet biannually and report key findings to the minister.

Progress to date

The panels and the public have provided hundreds of recommendations, of which nearly 300 have been completed since 2019. We are on track to complete 50 more this year.

These initiatives demonstrate our success in driving economic growth and digital transformation, while reducing costs and saving time for Albertans and Alberta businesses. Together, our efforts saved Albertans and job creators more than $2.1 billion.

Visit Cutting Red Tape for more information.

Industry panels

  • Agriculture, food and bio-industrial panel (December 2020): Ryan Kasko, Chair, Alberta Cattle Feeders Association and Cherie Copithorne-Barnes, CEO, CL Ranches Ltd.
  • Chemical manufacturing panel (June 2022): Greg Moffatt, Vice President Policy and Corporate Secretary, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada
  • Construction panel (June 2022): Paul Verhesen, Senior Advisor, Clark Builders and Joette Decore, Consultant, RJC Edmonton
  • Forestry panel (June 2022): Janis Simpkins, General Manager, Corporate and Government Relations, West Fraser and Brock Mulligan, Senior Vice President, Alberta Forest Products Association
  • Industrial manufacturing panel (May 2020): Kurt Feigel, President, Universe Machine Corporation
  • Non-profit panel (June 2022): Meghan Unterschultz Klein, Executive Director, Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers
  • Oil and gas panel (June 2022): Sue Riddell Rose, President and CEO, Perpetual Energy, Tristan Goodman, President, Explorers and Producers Association of Canada, and Terry Abel, Executive Vice President, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
  • Small business panel (June 2022): Kim Drever, Partner and Regional Leader, Tax Services Group, MNP
  • Tourism and hospitality panel (August 2019): Alisha Reynolds, Vice President, Sandman Hotel Group and Darren Reeder, Board Advisor, Tourism Industry Association of Alberta