The Red Tape Reduction Statutes Amendment Act, 2022 focuses on speeding up approvals, removing barriers to economic growth and supporting digital solutions.

“The more red tape we cut, the more we ensure Alberta is the destination of choice for investors. We’re committed to making Alberta the freest and fastest moving jurisdiction in North America by getting government out of the way so that our businesses can continue to invest and create jobs, fuelling the province’s economic recovery.”

Tanya Fir, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

The proposed Red Tape Reduction Statutes Amendment Act, 2022 makes changes to 15 legislative items, including:

  • Supporting small businesses operating in multiple municipalities by enabling intermunicipal business licences.
  • Fostering economic development and revitalization through expedited approvals of Community Revitalization Levy bylaws, freeway designations and new freeway access locations.
  • Increasing the sustainability of rural utilities by enabling new business opportunities.
  • Modernizing land surveying in Alberta, saving time and money for surveyors and their clients.
  • Encouraging cooperatives to incorporate and create jobs in Alberta by reducing Canadian residency requirements for boards of directors.
  • Implementing a more flexible approach to managing activities on Crown land through locally specific directives and guidelines.
  • Modernizing the reporting process for notifiable animal diseases.
  • Ensuring foster parents can exercise their right to appeal government licensing decisions.
  • Allowing Alberta heritage railway operators to operate under alternate rules tailored to individual needs while continuing to ensure railway safety.
  • Enabling more flexible oversight of Alberta pharmacies by moving requirements to the Alberta College of Pharmacy standards of practices rather than within ACP regulation.
  • Allowing landlords to use electronic methods for returning security deposits and associated documents to tenants.


“Supporting a healthy business community is a priority for municipalities in local and regional economic development efforts. Reducing red tape and barriers to utilizing intermunicipal business licences and other regional approaches to economic development is an important step in allowing municipalities to play a larger role in growing their local and regional economies.”

Paul McLauchlin, president, Rural Municipalities of Alberta

“We are encouraged by the proposed changes that will support REAs and increase the likelihood of ongoing sustainability. Rural Electrification Associations played a significant historical role in powering rural Alberta; we appreciate innovative industry opportunities that they may continue to play a beneficial role in a dynamic rural Alberta economy.”

Dan Astner, president, Alberta Federation of REAs Ltd.

“Critical to the success of all businesses in Alberta is the ability to execute their growth plans and not face significant barriers to growth. Streamlining approval processes significantly helps businesses accelerate the pace at which they scale up and expand operations, and positions Alberta as attractive for investment that will not only diversify our economy but also bring new ideas, talent and innovation. All of this is important for Alberta's economic future.”

Deborah Yedlin, president and CEO, Calgary Chamber of Commerce


Quick facts

  • Alberta is a national leader in red tape reduction. Alberta’s Labour Mobility Act recently won the Golden Scissors Award from the Canadian Federation of Independent, which recognizes governments that have shown leadership in cutting red tape, producing meaningful and positive results for businesses across Alberta.
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