Cutting red tape for good

Premier Jason Kenney launches the Red Tape Reduction Act.

If the bill is passed, government would be held to account under law to make it easier for people to get the government services they need. In the future, all government rules and laws will need to be necessary, effective, efficient and proportional to the outcome they are trying to achieve. Work is already underway to reduce unnecessary processes and improve services.

“We’re going to take Alberta from being the most over-regulated to the freest economy in Canada. We aren’t just saying we’re reducing red tape – we are making it the law. We are committed to cutting red tape by one-third – and once we cut it, we will prevent new red tape from creeping back.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

Passing this bill would reduce the regulatory burden on businesses and speed up approvals to grow businesses, with the goal of encouraging investment, boosting Alberta’s competitiveness and freeing up job creators to get more Albertans back to work.

“We have not wasted any time since being elected. Already, we have taken bold action to eliminate scores of needless red tape and we are just getting started. This legislative vehicle provides a clear mandate to reduce red tape by a third, which will free up our job creators to do what they do best – create jobs.”

Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

Since being sworn in, government has approved 17 red tape reduction activities in 21 business days, and there is more to come. Some of these activities include:

  • Making it easier for charities and non-profits to operate by modernizing banking requirements and offering multi-year funding agreements.
  • Improving access to financial supports for agribusiness.
  • Simplifying permits for trucks travelling over provincial and municipal roads.

“We’ve been making the case to governments in Alberta for more than a decade that successful red tape reduction is in everyone’s interests and requires leadership, measurement and transparency. We could not be more pleased to finally have a provincial government that is not only listening but, more importantly, acting on meaningful ways to reduce the burden of red tape on small business.”

Laura Jones, executive vice-president and Chief Strategic Officer, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

In the weeks to come, government plans to announce more red tape reduction initiatives for utilities consumers and providers as well as for the energy industry.

Quick facts

If the legislation is passed:

  • Ministries will be tasked with developing red tape reduction plans and making sure current, and new, regulations and requirements are free of red tape.
  • A series of industry panels will be set up in the coming weeks to engage with Albertans and get feedback on government’s red tape reduction actions and priorities.
  • A report on red tape reduction progress will be tabled in the Legislative Assembly and made public in 2020.
  • A new Red Tape Reduction Division headed by the Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction will keep momentum going and ensure government can act quickly.