The Government of Alberta is reducing time-consuming administrative tasks required of housing management bodies. As a result, housing providers will have greater capacity to serve the needs of their tenants. 

“We heard directly from our housing partners that reporting to the province can be an administrative burden. Our government listened and we are proud to streamline those processes so providers can focus on providing quality, affordable housing for Albertans most in need.”

Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing

“Cutting red tape by reducing the administrative burden for housing providers allows them to spend more time fulfilling the needs of their tenants and less time signing forms. Thank you, Minister Pon for resolving another red tape headache for the benefit of Albertans.”

Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

“We’re excited about this change because it will help us further our mission to positively influence seniors’ quality of life. Less time spent on paperwork means we’ll have more time to spend with our seniors – listening to them and ensuring we’re meeting their housing needs.”

Raymond Swonek, CEO, Greater Edmonton Foundation Seniors Housing

Housing providers will see reduced requirements for operational reviews, business plan submissions and reporting on wait-lists and client demographics.

These changes align with our government’s commitment to make the affordable housing system more efficient and effective for applicants and housing providers. Last fall, the government announced a review of the process used by housing management bodies to verify the income and eligibility of applicants. The department is exploring options and assessing potential impacts, with a recommendation expected in the coming weeks.

Red Tape Reduction Awareness Week

Alberta has declared Jan. 20-24 Red Tape Reduction Awareness Week. This coincides with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s own Red Tape Awareness Week, which aims to raise awareness of the costs of regulatory burdens to businesses across Canada. This year, the CFIB gave Alberta B-minus for its efforts to cut red tape, the highest grade the province has ever achieved.

Quick facts

  • To date, has received more than 4,500 submissions.
  • Ministries are currently taking inventory and analyzing the regulatory burden imposed on Albertans and businesses, modernizing regulation requirements, processes, forms and policies, and eliminating those that are unnecessary.
  • The Canadian Federation of Independent Business estimates that in 2017, the cost for businesses in Alberta to comply with regulations was about $4.4 billion.